Patrick McHenry tries to hide evidence online

A BLUE NC EXCLUSIVE! Patrick McHenry, in response to Lance Sigmon's tech-based campaign (including a rather large website and e-mail system), has decided to counterattack and protect his record in his own way: having his staffers, friends, and even himself edit his Wikipedia page and other important records to hide key facts. Edits include getting angry at his nicknames (including the "littlest congressman"), trying to hide more names involved in his voter fraud scam, and just straight out trying to hide the voter fraud thing in it's entirety. Thanks to Wikipedia's history engine, the Wikiscanner,, and various other tools, this article proves without a doubt that Patrick McHenry is working very very hard (using your tax dollars) to save his pudgy face.

Where do we begin?

Well, let's first explain what Wikipedia is. Wikipedia, for those who haven't seen it (which is admittedly rare now), is an online encyclopedia that is user edited for the most information. Wikipedia is the largest encyclopedia for good old fashioned information you can get, and it's always got the newest information on everything from tech to politics. Most importantly, however, Google and Wikipedia stand as the kings of information on the internet: they rule the roost so far as most researchers go, and they also have major influence on everything from bloggers to newspeople. When most news outlets use Wikipedia for fact-checking, you know it's important. Of course, politicians work hard to make sure Wikipedia is to their liking, which is fine- but some hide information on Wikipedia, trying to erase it from the entire internet.

Enter Patrick McHenry.

And it's not just Wikipedia, either. It's lots of websites. Wonder how anti-McHenry websites get shut down? Poor Drama Queen is up only but for the fact she's on Google blogging- and Rep. McHenry can't do much about Google.

But, I'm sure that I sound like I'm lying- that is, until I have proof. Attached below are many, many samples of Patrick McHenry, his team, or someone in the DC area editing McHenry information- rather, just making it "magically" disappear.

(NOTE: For all information, I'm using IPs or information gathered from Wikipedia users in the "History" tab of the Patrick T. McHenry article, among other articles. I'm additionally using Wikiscanner ( for some general info on the Wikipedia page, and the Visual IP scanner ( for info on the IPs themselves. Check these for yourself if you don't believe me). Also note the reason many spammers sign up to Wikipedia (Thus RLB2002 as a username) is to hide their IP- which usually comes from an important source, like the US House of Representatives.

1. McHenry smooths over the Aaron Lay Article
Someone on an IP from Reston, VA- that is, a stone's throw away (or a nice morning drive-to-works away) from Washington DC. Note how it stresses the "former" aide part about Aaron Lay, and makes sure to includes McHenry's argument in return- not something Wikipedia usually does, as they only care about facts. And they even nicely clean up his profile for him!

2. Voter Fraud? What Voter Fraud?
Suddenly, out of nowhere(!), someone named RLB2002 starts magically deleting the Voter Fraud allegations section of McHenry's Article! User RedShiftPA tries to restore it, but RLB2002 will not be satisfied.

3. I'm not gay!
RLB2002 is back again to hide allegations that McHenry might just be a little light in the loafers.

4. No seriously, no voter fraud.
IP comes on the scene to mysteriously delete the Voter Fraud section again. Where is this IP? Make a guess.
Washington DC.

5. And we hate that Drama Queen girl
Suddenly, IP (coming from Verizon Business, STRAIGHT OUT OF WASHINGTON DC) magically edits the article to remove both the voter fraud section... and the link to Drama Queen's blog.

6. More Voter Fraud deletion!
IP (straight out of Washington, DC again) deletes the Voter Fraud section. Again.

7. We will deny you ever worked for us.
Aaron Lay section edited again. From Washington DC IP, naturally. And there's more info about what McHenry said.

8. They never lived here!
IP out of New Jersey (?) decides to try to hide about McHenry's housemates-with-benefits. Who vote for him. Illegally.

9. They didn't live here!
Again. Ip out of DC, voter fraud, removes it, etc.

IP this time posts a comment on their removal of the information: "Removed non-neutral, poorly-sourced content". Apparently, the truth hurts McHenry.

11. It's not the size that matters, it's the motion in the ocean.
IP out of Washington DC would like you to know that McHenry is perfectly sized and can please any man he wants to.

How's that for proof?

Curious what you can do? Fight back. Don't let McHenry edit Wikipedia- add all you know on him, and stand your ground. Don't let him muscle you out of hosting an anti-McHenry website: use free hosts who don't care what he has to say, like Blogspot or Blogger or the like. The most important thing is, if you're not doing anything illegal, he can't do anything to you: it's perfectly fine for you to use his website graphics to make fun of him, just so long as you're not making money off of it.

Let's fight back. We can't let McHenry turn Wikipedia- next thing you know, he'll be aiming for BlueNC.

UPDATE: IS THE RNCC. Coverup, anyone?



Busy little beavers

I try to stay out of Wiki wars, but this sure is an interesting battle.

For many of the issues, I can see both sides and, were I a Congressman, I'd be cleaning up things on my entry that I determined to be rumor.

The main thing you found that have a problem with is the deletion of Pat Go Bye Bye.

PGBB is a real thing that exists in real life as a grassroots effort to defeat Patrick McHenry. No one has any business taking a "fact" out of Wiki, no matter how much they may not like that fact. McHenry's team crossed a line on that one for sure.

(I didn't follow all the links, but most of them.)