Patrick McHenry refuses to apologize, hides, uses cronies to blame... us?

Well, it looks like the bomb hit. Lance Sigmon, Patrick McHenry's primary challenger, has officially come out swinging with a press conference demanding for an investigation into McHenry's actions. This surprises no-one- Sigmon's following up on the opportunity that anyone could see open up weeks ago.

But the funniest thing about this whole fiasco? McHenry refuses to respond, and sics his stupid cronies like Wes Climer, claiming he's our mouthpiece. Wait, what?

Yep, I'm not joking. According to the Hickory Daily Record article, Wes Climer states
“Lying Lance has been a mouthpiece for liberal Democrats all along,” said Wes Climer, McHenry’s press secretary. “But it’s surprising they were willing to say that publicly.”

What ridiculousness. Patrick McHenry, now finally being thoroughly challenged in what was previously thought to be "his" race, claims that those "Dimmercrats" are after him, much like ghosts were after him when he was 5. I'm not exactly sure where he drew the connection between NC Democrats and Lance Sigmon (other than the mutual hatred for him, I suppose), but it looks like we're in the targeting range too.

But let me make two points about this. First off, it doesn't matter what party says something- the truth is the truth. I don't care if you say it's from the Constitution party or the Green Party- if it's true, it doesn't matter whatsoever, and McHenry trying to push the blame on a party is more proof of his black-and-white viewpoint. I'm certainly not going to rally behind Sigmon (Obviously, we have two excellent Democratic candidates who need all the support they can get), but if he's saying the truth, I'm not going to hate him for it.

Second off, has anyone noticed that Patrick McHenry openly refuses to actually say a word? I've seen plenty of people- mainly Wes Climer- act as his mouthpiece, but I've NEVER seen a quote from McHenry in the paper, ever. In fact, McHenry hasn't even really been down in the 10th District to advertise himself either... he's just hidden up in Washington. No publicly announced fundraisers. No rallies. No speeches. He just hides in Washington sending out little glossy mailers occasionally using tax dollars. Even when the proverbial shit hits the fan like with this Iraq video, he still refuses to say a word.

I've had quite enough of him not showing his face and answering questions. First off, I want to know why he won't apologize for this Iraq stunt, and why he thinks that the whole video thing is a lie. Second off, I want him to explain why he has, in essence, refused to personally answer questions to the district. I'm tired of being treated like some mindless voter who, like some sort of retarded dog, accepts information blindly. I want the truth, and I want an apology.


How about

"honk if you think Congressman McHenry is a putz"

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I was just thinking something very very similar, DFL.

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Of course, the entire county would be honking all night and someone would sue the honkers for disturbing the peace.