Patrick McHenry invents letters; insinuates predecessor senile; Ivester and Johnson smart to stay far away

Patrick McHenry, dissuaded with the fact that he can't come up with anything to beat back recent photos made public by Mike Rogers/Brandon Greeson, has now taken his time to begin inventing letters and insinuating that Cass Ballenger, his predecessor, is senile (though he voted for McHenry).

The story starts when suddenly, out of the blue, the former Congressman decided to endorse Lance Sigmon over Patrick McHenry. In the Republican camp, that's known as "suicide", partially because Patrick McHenry will sic every single person he can on you- and that's exactly what he did. Seeing the signed/dated letter, McHenry claimed it was fake (and insinuated it was forged)... until Ballenger heard about it and made a Phone Advertisement for Sigmon (Recording in the YouTube video). Wuh oh. So what does McHenry do? Falsify his own letters!

That's right. Patrick McHenry claims to have a signed and dated letter from Ballenger demanding that Sigmon stop using his name for all endorsements- and the letter was apparently signed the same day that Ballenger recorded this phone message for Lance. It gets better: apparently, this is all coming from Ballenger's old District Director Tommy Luckadoo, an ardent McHenry supporter, and the only people who have this letter are the McHenry for Congress team. That's right: McHenry claims he has a letter from Ballenger demanding that Sigmon do something, but the Sigmon campaign doesn't even know about it. Whoops.

The big question that McHenry supporters threw around for a while (before they invented this letter) was if Cass Ballenger was senile or not. Unfortunately for them, Ballenger voter for McHenry before he changed his mind, so either way, the Republicans have to pretend the man is at least competent lest either of them look abusive or otherwise stupid. Some of my good connections say Ballenger is just fine, but who knows.

Naturally, Johnson and Ivester have stayed far away from this time bomb. Johnson's been getting endorsements like he's racking up points in a Basketball game, and Ivester's been working his rear end off making sure that his signature signs are on virtually every street corner in the District. Someone's been pulling up signs and replacing them with McHenry signs around my area, but I've been replacing them as I can, and I encourage everyone else to do the same.

Also, a note from the rumor mill- apparently one of my good friends in Hickory says that he saw Luckadoo kick over a Daniel Johnson and Lance Sigmon sign and stomp on it at the intersection where Checkers is. While I honestly don't give a rat's rear end about Sigmon's electric blue signs, doing that to Johnson's signs is just childish. Then again, what can you expect from a McHenry supporter?

Update: McHenry's got Tommy "I like to kick and stomp signs" Luckadoo making robo-calls all over the 10th (including to my house, why do they think I'm a Republican?) claiming Sigmon is misquoting Ballenger or something. I've never heard a politician try to say someone was misquoted in a direct audio soundbyte, but hey, for Patrick McHenry, the rules don't apply.



McHenry must really be feeling the pressure.

Waterboard the old fool! The Nurse just left Patty room

Wow!McHenry must really be feeling the pressure. *micandacam

Patrick McHenry claims to have a signed and dated letter from Ballenger demanding that Sigmon stop using his name for all endorsements
* Gito torture observer

Terrible! Waterboarding a 83 year ole former republican senior citizen congressman for one vote!

Poor Pat

I guess when you've made a career of lying, there's no end to the sleaze you'll indulge in to hold onto power.

This post kind of lends some odd logic to

McCrory saying his favorite movie was Animal House. Must be a Republican thing that we wouldn't understand ... that appreciation of childish rowdy behavior in men who are old enough to be grown, but aren't mature enough to act grown.

"It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit." - Harry Truman

"They took all the trees and put them in a tree museum Then they charged the people a dollar 'n a half just to see 'em. Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone? They paved paradise and put up a parking lot."

Luckadoo's response

After seeing my name in your blog, I feel compelled to respond. I apologize for the length, but there are a lot of details to cover.

First, the Sigmon campaign’s assertion that they do not have the letter from Congressman Ballenger is not just a lie, but a damned lie.

On Sunday night, after I left my visit with Cass and Donna, I called Sigmon’s campaign manager, Joe Brannock, who I thought was an old friend. I told him about the letter and asked if I could bring a copy to him. He said he was finishing dinner at Golden Corral in Hickory and that he would wait for me.

I arrived in about 10 minutes and Joe was nowhere to be found. He had also turned off his cell phone. I then went to my office and e-mailed a copy to him (to an address he provided just minutes before), to Mr. Sigmon, and to the McHenry campaign. The letter was also faxed to the Sigmon headquarters and to Mr. Brannock’s personal fax.

The McHenry campaign called and asked me if they could deliver a copy directly to Mr. Sigmon, and I gave permission. Campaign staff members took a copy to Mr. Sigmon’s home on Sunday evening. Even though they saw people in the house – someone peeked out the window and closed the blinds as they were approaching the door –nobody answered the door. A copy was slid under the front door.

On Monday morning, a McHenry campaign staff member took a copy to Sigmon’s campaign office. Brannock was in the parking lot, and when he saw a person approaching him with a letter, he took off running like a little girl. Ran into the building, ran into his office, and locked the door with the McHenry person trailing behind.

A copy of the letter was left on the door so that Brannock could not miss it when he came out.

If you’ll count, that’s six deliveries or electronic transmissions to the Sigmon campaign, plus my phone call with Brannock.

I’ve pretty much stayed out of politics since Mr. Ballenger retired, and had intended to do so this cycle. I’ve had my fill. But without going into private details, I am convinced beyond any doubt that Mr. Ballenger was deceived into making the endorsement over the weekend. He and Donna invited me over on Sunday to help them figure out how to resolve the situation. We decided that a letter asking that his name not be used was the best solution. Please note that the letter is not an endorsement of either candidate.

So my involvement was simply to help an old friend and mentor, a man who I dearly love and respect. To refer to me as an ardent supporter of anyone is just not true, as I do not actively participate in politics anymore. I did agree to lend my name to McHenry’s county steering committee, but that’s it.

As for the call that went out last evening, I did that only after a call from a reporter saying the Sigmon campaign denied ever having received the letter from Mr. Ballenger. I was so incensed that I felt I had to respond.

Mr. Sigmon keeps talking about honor and integrity, but it is quite obvious from this episode that he has neither.

And as for the childish statement about me and yard signs, I find it amusing that somebody deems me such a threat that they have to start spreading such baseless and ridiculous rumors. I did not, do not, and will not tear down anyone's signs. I respect every candidate's right to display their signs and will denounce anyone so immature as to tear them down.

Let me see if I understand this:

I am convinced beyond any doubt that Mr. Ballenger was deceived into making the endorsement over the weekend.

You're saying Ballenger was deceived into making a written (and audio) endorsement of Sigmon, and you've got a letter Ballenger wrote for you proving this.

Do you see the irony of this claim? Let me explain it: if we accept the premise that a former Congressman could be tricked into endorsing Sigmon, it also means that he could be tricked into writing your letter for you.

re: Let me see if I understand this:


I do understand your point. However, the Ballengers anticipated such questions when we met, so Mrs. Ballenger co-signed the letter to erase any doubts about the legitimacy of it.

Keep in mind that

my father passed away a few years ago from Alzheimers, and I am well aware of the stages that victims (and their families) go through during this kind of illness.

If (as McHenry's staff claims) former Congressman Ballenger is suffering from some form of dementia, then none of the following have any relevance: 1) Ballenger voting for McHenry, 2) Ballenger changing his mind and endorsing Sigmon, or 3) Ballenger changing his mind again and repudiating his endorsement. And this is nice:

Mrs. Ballenger co-signed the letter

but it really doesn't change the above assessment, because it's not the authenticity of the letter that's in question, it's the relevance. Do you see what I'm talking about?

I hope to God he isn't in the beginning stages of alzheimers; if so, my heart goes out to both he and Donna. I will also say this: if he is, then both sides need to leave them the hell alone. Period. Under the best of conditions, the disease is a nightmare. If you add stress and confusion, the nightmare is quantified by a factor of ten.

re: Keep in mind that


The plan was to leave him alone, until a disreputable person took advantage. I never attempted to get him to endorse McHenry or anyone else, although the opportunity was there many times. The intent of the letter was to get him back on the sidelines. In that context, you are right that it isn't relevant who he did or did not endorse.

I know many (most) on here do not like McHenry, and that's their right. But it is intellectually dishonest to make the leap that any opponent of his, such as Sigmon, is then a paragon of virtue. That's what frustrated me about the original post; Sigmon obviously has a great deficit in the ethics department.

McHenry's ethics deficit is appalling

Go figure....two Republicans running for the same office, both with ethics problems. Who would have ever thought?

Now that I have the sarcasm out of the way. Thank you for coming and explaining the situation. If Lance Sigmon did take advantage of a man with any form of dementia there is an especially hot corner of hell waiting for him.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


Thank you for engaging BlueNC. One hole in your argument is when you describe the actions of others to which you were not a witness. This amounts to hearsay. Your description is more compelling when limited to your own actions and observations.

Luckadoo, I wasn't going to

Luckadoo, I wasn't going to respond, but it's time to.

First off, your entire argument is flawed. Lance Sigmon is essentially a no-name guy who ran for Congress against McHenry, and you somehow claim that he acquired the letter by putting pressure on Ballenger, but that Patrick McHenry and his wife, two people who know him well, aren't pressuring him when they immediately call him up a day later and expect a retraction.


I've done some research into this to make sure I'm correct, so now I know what a douche you really are.

1. Lance Sigmon never directly contacted Ballenger. According to one of his staffers, a buddy of Sigmon and Ballenger got Ballenger to give the endorsement, which was sent over to Sigmon. Naturally, Sigmon got fired up and sent it all over the world. Sigmon and Ballenger apparently had to contact each other when McHenry claimed it was false, which was when he made that phone recording.

2. Cass Ballenger's life situation leads me to personally believe he was coerced by his wife/daughter. You see, Cass lives with his "Wife"- and her boyfriend. He apparently f-ed up big time in DC, and feels guilty about it. His wife is a big supporter of McHenry.

3. I personally saw you stomp on the Sigmon sign and mess with the Johnson sign.

Let me break this down: Why the living hell did the McHenry campaign have this first? You're telling me that Ballenger's way of telling Sigmon to stop doing something is to contact his opponent? That's absolutely foolish- if I want Fox News to stop airing something, I don't contact CNN. I contact Fox News. Ballenger never contacted the Sigmon campaign, and that's precisely why the Sigmon campaign did nothing- who the hell are you? Why should we trust you? You stumped for McHenry and claim that you have some sort of mastery over what Ballenger wants?

This is possibly the dirtiest thing McHenry has ever done- he has insulted a prior Congressman and accused an (ex) candidate for Congress of basically abusing the man.

Mr. Luckadoo, I know a lot more about what's going on than I'm posting, and I can assure you that your life is never going to be the same after this. I'm not involved in it, thank god, but you've managed to piss off the wrong people. When McHenry loses the seat to our Daniel Johnson, I sure hope you will feel accomplished. I sure will.

Thoreau- Your latest post


Your latest post completely destroys any credibility you may have had. At least I was man enough to come on here and post using my real name. You hide behind a screen name and make wild accusations and threats. Let me first take your numbered points one-by-one:

1. I never said that Sigmon made the first contact with Mr. Ballenger. If you are as close to the situation as you say, then you know who did so. However, Mr. Sigmon himself has said that he called Mr. Ballenger on Sunday.

2. Every part of your second statement is just factually wrong, period.

3. Do we have breaking news here? Someone is finally acknowledging that Sigmon's camp did indeed receive the letter, just not "first!" My e-mail records will prove that I e-mailed the letter to Brannock at 8:22 p.m. on Sunday, and then to McHenry's campaign at 8:25 p.m. If you will recall, my first intent was to hand-deliver it to Brannock, but he had fled the location where he told me to meet him.

And in your latest post, you say you personally saw me stomp a sign. But in the first post, you describe the alledged witness as "one of my good friends in Hickory." Which is it? Obviously, this is a fabricated story.

Passing on threats about how my life "will never be the same" is just immature. Crap like you're spewing is the very reason I have little to do with politics anymore. I don't agree with you, so you attack me.

This is a sincere invitation: If you know so much about Hickory, contact me directly. I'm easy to find. I'd like to sit down and have a reasonable (but possibly spirited) conversation with you. I'll even buy the beverage, either hot or cold, depending on your age.

Luckadoo, I apologize for


I apologize for not responding immediately, as you probably fantasize I'm off torturing animals and killing people.

The reason I stand behind a screenname is that I'm everywhere and nowhere at the same time, and I quite like it, and it's precisely the reason I will not meet with you. I will not give you my name or so hamhandedly give the McHenry camp exactly what they want: grounds to hunt me down. You see, I'm involved in a lot of things in different ways, and I've found I much prefer to be able to speak my mind freely than to worry about your hamhanded camp sending me C&D letters every two seconds. I know how you kids operate, I can count plenty of people you've done this to (Greeson, Sigmon, etc), and I'm not stupid enough to add myself to your list.

1. You have been insinuating that Sigmon coerced Ballenger. Ballenger would not willingly put himself in the position unless he WANTED to. Similarly, the recording is of the same merit. If he was coerced in any way, it was probably from your camp.

2. And yet you have nothing to say about it?

3. I never meant to insinuate the camp did get it- it's evident they probably figured out about it, but much like I would, they doubted the legitimacy. Since when does someone send a C&D letter to an opponent first and expect that opponent to make it known? I smell a rat- I don't give a flying shit WHO got it so far as that's concerned.

Also, e-mail records are useless. I have people who fake e-mails for a living. They are the reason people get viagra spam, etc etc

4. Obviously I invent people to keep my identity secure, but I'll be forthcoming: I saw you do it; you're childish for doing so.

I'm attacking you because you are a lowlife who tries to take the highroad by associating with corrupt politicians. You will not have my name or anything like that, but what I can promise you is that November will be the hardest month of Patrick McHenry's life, and you can quote me on that. I absolutely detest the kind of dirty dealings people like you generate, and that's exactly why I hate you so much. Republicans like you are the reason why Raleigh and DC are so damned corrupt.

In general, do not expect responses from me from now on, I have better things to do. I will not play party to your whining about what someone posted about you on a blog. What are you, 12?