Patrick McHenry hides, lies about his schedule

We all have been somewhat interestedly watching Lance Sigmon as he takes a direct quote from Patrick McHenry, which noted his willingness to "debate the issues", and takes it quite literally- Lance demanded a real time, old fashioned, put-on-your-bowler-cap-and-tweed-suit debate in the 10th district. Of course, good old Daniel Johnson is staying far away from this- after all, he doesn't have to worry about McHenry or Sigmon before the primaries, but it is amusing that McHenry has sent out his official response.

Wanna guess what that is? If you're thinking "No, I'm busy despite being entirely free on the Congressional candidate with no prior scheduled dates", you win today's prize.

First off, let me start this little post by showing McHenry's quote at at a recent Media conference:
“Let’s have a debate on the issues,... I’m happy to match my record against anyone. I’m proud of the work I’ve done.” - Rep. Patrick McHenry

From that small quote, the world exploded. Lance Sigmon, an ex-JAG (as in, that TV show- a JAG is a Judge Advocate General, a military lawyer), jumped on it almost immediately, finally finding an opening to drag McHenry down from his roost in DC to actually come to the 10th District and do something other than kiss upper-class ass. Daniel Johnson hasn't done much of this (mainly because Johnson is still focused on self-building than attacking, as McHenry isn't a direct threat yet), so this is fairly new for McHenry this election- and he didn't respond.

Didn't respond as in was completely unreachable. The kiddies at the various newspapers couldn't pull even a response from McHenry- like a bad date, McHenry gave the media nothing but his answering machine. That is, until the Clairemont News-Topic managed to get a response ( again, like a bad date, "I'm busy". And, like the many girls who stood me up way back in the good old days of highschool, it's a complete lie. How do I know?

Above is the official House of Representative calendar. You can get it just by browsing the website (which I recommend doing, you learn a lot, the Internet is a great tool for such things). The event? A two week long break. Yep, "Spring District Work Period" is a time in which Congressmen are allowed to go back home (in this case, the 10th district) and... get this... serve the district. In stuff like press releases, debates, and everything else.

So, what's wrong, McHenry? Why don't you want to debate? Afraid that Lance will ask questions like why you refuse to serve your district honorably, or why you constantly hide your improprieties, including abusing your office for money or, dare I say, gay sex? The district demands answers, McHenry. Why not actually answer them?


Patty Blues Brothers Excuses

1. A old boyfriend just came into town?
2. My pink dress is still at the dry cleaners
3. A old girlfriend just came into town and a transgender fight broke out with my old boyfriend.
4. Blackwater drafted me and I am on the way to Iraq?
5. The Gay Bikers of Hickory refuse a debating site?
6. Congress is under attack by Islamofascist Space Alien Lizards?
7. My 5 th grade school teacher is having her birthday on that day?
8. Belmont Abbey my college has submitted my name to the Pope for sainthood on that day?
9. The National Football Leaque is having their college draft that day and the Carolina Panthers have told me to stand by the phone in case I am the first draft choice?
10. And finally, Congresswomen Foxx and I are opening a homeless shelter for future Republican congresspersons after the 08 congressional elections?

I guess McHorny is counting on

people being stupid enough to vote for him just because they've known his name for a couple of years.

Sadly, he might be right about that.

Thanks for stirring the pot.


PS How are the editorial pages in the district responding to McHorny these days?

Actually, that's an amusing

Actually, that's an amusing question. The Sigmon for Congress campaign has recently been complaining (bitching) about lots of papers refusing to take editorials from them/their supporters AGAINST McHenry. Of course, we all know this is something that the 10th Democratic Party has issues with, but it's amusing to see it being pointed out by someone on the Republican side.

As someone who has worked with the press before, I can firmly assure you that places like the Hickory Daily Record, Observer News Enterprise and the Shelby Star tend to kiss McHenry's rear end.

Gomer says....

Surprise, surprise, surprise....

Pat lies?