Party over Country: The NC GOP's views on Impeachment


Looking into the face of corruption and blinking:

"Honestly I'm trying to figure out what we've learned from these hearings," offered Brent Woodcox, a Raleigh attorney and special counsel to Republicans in the North Carolina Senate.

"I mean we already saw the transcript of the phone call. Rudy Giuliani's already been out there in the New York Times saying that he's been trying to investigate the Bidens. Trump essentially admitted to what he did," Woodcox added.

As an attorney Brent surely knows how critical it is to get evidence on the record, and direct testimony from witnesses. He's right that Trump has already condemned himself, but in the absence of him resigning as President, the process must be followed. What Brent is actually trying to do is "normalize" Trump's behavior, to imply that bribery and coercion are not really Impeachable offenses:

Woodcox, the General Assembly special counselor, has long been an outspoken conservative critic of the President. He doesn't think the Ukraine call amounts to high crimes and misdemeanors, however he offered this:

"If you had asked me after Charlottesville should President Trump be removed from office, I would have said yes. I don't think he's fit to be President because of something like that. He's put the country in danger, he divided us, he's pitted us against one another and people died because of it," said Woodcox. "So is there an impeachment offense he's committed? – yes I believe there is and he should be removed over it, but not this one."

Nice try, Brent. I know you're trying to be all neutral and such. But again, as an attorney, you know good and damn well that trying to Impeach Trump by using Charlottesville as evidence of his threat to the country would not last for fifteen minutes. There are simply no Constitutional grounds for that approach, but it sounds good. Now, if you had said something about Trump's numerous violations of the Emoluments Clause, or even his corruption of Federal agencies by appointing lobbyists and other industry people to strip away regulatory roadblocks to their businesses (Kakistocracy), you might get some mileage out of that argument. But you don't actually want that, you just want to muddy the waters.

And as far as this nonsense from ALEC-loving Jason Saine:

North Carolina House Representative Jason Saine (R-Lincoln) met the college students half way. "From my own personal entertainment benefit, I'd love to see him go in there and take Schiff to task, but at the same time I don't think that's where we need to be as a country," Saine explained.

Saine described the hearings as fascinating – but shrugged off the impact, and offered critiques of several who testified.

"Watching Vinman's body language and that smugness that I perceived, that I see as he gives his testimony, has been pretty shocking, because it has been pretty blatant," he said of Lt. Col. Alexander Vinman, who offered testimony on Wednesday.

Get that? He attacks a war veteran for being "smug," but also says he'd like to see Trump go in there and attack Adam Schiff. I should say, "Shifty Schiff," which is how the President of the United States has been describing a Congressional leader. Trump is the smuggest bastard to ever plop his fat ass behind the desk in the Oval Office, but Jason Saine thinks Vindman is smug?

As many have said, Trump is not the crisis our country is facing. It's the people who don't see Trump as a crisis that represent the real crisis. Their judgment and integrity, or however much of those things they had before 2016, are virtually non-existent. And voters need to fix that come November 2020.