Party like it's 1999 Repubs!

Howard Coble's retirement dinner brought out a bunch of statewide and local GOP dignitaries even if it didn't bring in any big bucks

The High Point Enterprise was leaked a copy of the email and other information reported to be preliminary financial numbers on the event. The information was provided by an anonymous source.
The information provided a list of revenue generated totaling $13,000. But total expenses amounted to $17,296, according to preliminary accounting provided to the Enterprise. The expenses included the dinner, a band and use of a piano and printing of programs.

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Oh how they claim to be the party of fiscal responsibility, but they must not have learned their numbers.

Former Greensboro mayor Bill Knight, long active in county Republican politics, wrote in an email last month that the event may end up costing more than was raised.
“This is inexcusable and it means GCRP (Guilford County Republican Party) will receive nothing from the dinner,” Knight writes in the email. “Ugly. We need to go to work to generate needed revenue for 2014.”