Partisan Warfare

Today's discussions about Lamont's victory and the question of extremism got me to thinking ... and hunting for insight. My search took me to this commentary about the new world we live in.

In this new era, partisanship is a virtue. The conservatives rise to power, and their utter failure to govern responsibly or effectively, requires a new progressive politics of confrontation, not accommodation. This new politics may be uncomfortable to those used to an America governed by Democrats and progressive values, but for our politics and values to triumph progressives must and are learning how to resist “cutting deals,” working to “get things done” on terms set by an irresponsible governing majority.

This is not an ideological development in progressive politics, but a pragmatic one. Senator Lieberman never understood this, constantly seeing this discussion through an outdated and inappropriate ideological prism. Of course there is room for someone with Senator Lieberman’s view on the War, for example. He was after all endorsed by virtually ever major institution in the Democratic family. There is a growing, and necessary, intolerance, however, of progressive leaders unwilling to take on Bush and his failed government head on – and this was the battleground in this election, whether the Senator understood it or not.

I have great sympathy for those wishing our politics could be more genteel, where both sides could come together to work things out for the common good. But we live in a different time, and our the rising partisanship in the Democratic Party is a necessary, pragmatic and I believe virtuous response to the circumstances we face today at the dawn of the 21st century.

North Carolina Republicans want to ruin our state the way their friends in Washington are ruining America. It's our job to stop them. Whatever that takes.


Or is there a another way...

I concur that all good progressives must stand up to the injustice of the current Republican leadership. It's hard to see why Senator Lieberman failed to recognize the importance of that. However, I don't think it's a question of partisanship vs. accomodation. It's an issue of resisting those who would lead without integrity and jeapordize the greater good.

That said, I think there is still plenty of room in our political system for people who are willing to work together for the common good across various lines of difference. In the absence of single-party dominance, this becomes even more important. So, our electoral strategy on the national stage should be to stop Republicans at any cost. But our governing strategy may need to be a little more nuanced.

When Republicans act like

Eisenhower, T. Roosevelt, and Lincoln - I will be the most bipartisan person on the face of the planet. Until then, I don't think you can work with Republicans on anything. If they happend to agree with me, fine. But, from this point on Progressives don't budget an inch. Ever. We have moved so far to the right that giving anything moves us even farther from the moderate center.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

You said it, A.

There may have been a time when bipartisanship worked...but that was a while ago.

We have a majority party in this country set on advancing their party agenda at all costs. That agenda leaves 95% of the population picking up the tab for failed policies, rising prices and growing national debt while having personal freedoms stripped away.

The time has come to dig in our heels and fight for our place at the table so that we can restore the middle class vibrancy, balance the budget without taking more away from those already in need, keep our country safe without promoting fear and repair our nation's tarnished image abroad.

As Bill Clinton once said, there's nothing so wrong with our country that all that is best about our country can't fix.

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Speaking of warfare

Our brethren and sistern in Missouri look like they're fighting the good fight. A friend sent me this link to their hot statewide website, which looks to be building momentum and kicking butt. Take a look and pat 'em on the back.