Parker Announces 5 to 1 SEC vote lead in NCDP Chair's Race

(Not everyone on BlueNC gets all of the NCDP Chair's race emails, so I'll post Parker's here, in full, as he sends them out. - Frank)

Subject: Parker Leads

I am pleased to announce that my campaign begins the weekend with 125 publicly pledged SEC votes-- five times the number that my closest opponent announced yesterday. We're heading into the final stretch with strong support, a strong plan, and the energy to begin changing the outlook for the North Carolina Democratic Party at the SEC meeting next Saturday.

My work with this team and my new friends around the state has been-- as it has been throughout my life in the Democratic Party-- a joy and a reason to work even harder toward our common goal: victory for Democrats in all 100 counties of this great state.

With pledged delegates from over 50 county party organizations and the support of the majority of our District Chairs, there is widespread confidence in my leadership of this Party toward the achievement of that goal.

I've taken a little heat from the other team this week for a couple of electoral losses I suffered at various times during my 35 years in Democratic politics. I'll own up to both of them, but I'll claim the lessons learned there too.

Dedicated Democrats don't always live in majority Democrat districts. We don't just run the races we know we can win. Some of you work night and day for months on end for candidates and causes in counties that haven't seen Democratic victories in a generation.

Don't ever let anyone tell you that your efforts were wasted, or that you should be ashamed of any loss undertaken in the name of this party. You are guarding a flame in the dark places of this state. When I'm Chair, this party is going to help you to brighten the corner where you live.

Our work will begin at next Saturday's meeting. To share my message with other members of the SEC in your community, please forward this email and visit my website.

If you're still undecided in this race, please take a moment to watch my new video message:

To endorse my candidacy for Party Chair, please send me an email at or call my cell phone at 704-437-6600.

Thank you,

David Parker