Our Crippling Lack of Science and Tech workers

So, how many of you fell for it ... the spin that there is a crippling lack of qualified science and technology workers coming out of American schools? Have you heard the clamoring of companies screaming for more H-1B visas to hire engineers, chemists, researchers and data base administrators from overseas?

Well, friends and neighbors, we've been had ... AGAIN!!

Turns out, the shortage of American workers for those jobs is pure. T. bull. hockey.

And we're all shocked, I'm sure.

Let me be clear; this is not an anti-immigrant schpeil. It's not about low-wage workers.

This is about the evils of a fullbore bottomline attitude in corporate America.

This is about the jobs your kids and my kids are fully expecting to go interviewing for when they get out of school.

It's about the jobs you and I go interviewing for when we've got 5-10 years experience at one job and we're ready to move on and move up.

And the harsh reality is, it's about the job you're gonna go looking for when you get laid off.

I'm about to show you why the middle-class workers' problems in America go way way deeper than you ever expected. This story hit dailyKos the other day and it has been all over the tech blogs this week. I looked around and didn't see any mention of it here, so I decided to cross-post this blurb I put up on our local list serve. Apologies if it's been discussed.



Same song, different tune in the N&O today.

'lack of available talent' - yeah, right.

That's greed speak for 'we can pay these buggers less'.

Ack ... blew that one!

I am so sorry you guys. I really mucked that post up -- fooled by the teaser box! I put the first part back in the post body. Hope it makes a little sense now. :-/

"They took all the trees and put them in a tree museum Then they charged the people a dollar 'n a half just to see 'em. Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone? They paved paradise and put up a parking lot."

A good friend of mine lost his job

as the go to guy for all the networking in a large manufacturing co. that has now relocated to Brazil. He's as qualified as can be for any kind of computer geeky stuff and has been putting out his resume. He's been getting calls from someone his wife says has a strong Indian accent offering him a job with IBM. When he called the guy back, the job pays only $17.00 pr.hr. and no health benefits. That's an insult for someone with his skills and knowledge.

Is this the new middleman? Someone who's been outsourced, outsourcing Americans?

You Know - I Just Had to Do it

I sent your link to Congressman Bob. Next time I talk to him, I think I'll invite him here. This is a good place to take the pulse of reason in NC.