In Other Wilderness News...

This landmark agreement between International Paper, The Nature Conservancy and The Conservation Fund is critical to conservation efforts in North Carolina and throughout the Southeast. North Carolinians will now have an additional 77,000 acres of protected land to appreciate and explore.

That's governor Easley describing the purchase of several hundred thousand acres of paper-company forest across the southeast by a conservancy group. Details at the NCDP website.


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And good news. Thanks for posting.

I can't remember who said it,

The state of SC is also buying a bunch of land that is coming up for sale from either logging companies or paper companies...can't remember the entire story, but that was the excuse given for not being able to buy national forest land.

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The 300,000+ acres are

The 300,000+ acres are across the southeast -- 77,000 is only our share -- so I imagine SC got in on the action.

They did.


All I can say IS!!!!!!!!!!!

Spooky Da Dem Vet

Where have all the forests gone?

Case in point: St Joe Paper Company owns hundreds of thousand acres of forest in the northern panhandle of the Florida Gulf Coast. They haven't sold out to developers. No,they have become the largest land developer in Florida turning their, once beautiful forest land into faux Victorian villages. It tears my heart out everytime I see what has become of that once pristine part of my home state. Maybe, if I pray real hard, this hurricane season true justice will prevail. What am I thinking? Those assholes will just use my tax dollars and rebuild the blight!

I am so sorry to hear this

It makes me even prouder to see my tax dollars going to buy this beautiful land from the paper giants. One more good reason to love my state.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Worst part about it

The state of Florida paid to build the infrastructure (including airport) to allow the development. Good old Jeb!.

It increases their tax base

So they don't have to increase taxes. The good old Republican dream...paving America one meter at a time.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Only short term

In the long term, responsible growth leads to much higher property values. See e.g., San Francisco, Portland, Seattle.