Orange County discussions on homelessness

You are invited to attend one of the community discussions about housing for the Homeless: 3/31, 4/5, or 4/13 at So Human Services Center on Homestead Rd, CH. 7-9 pm.

The IFC will implement a special use permit process (SUP) with the Town of Chapel Hill formal SUP Community House application on June 8.

You can find more information about Community House, homelessness and other community challenges on our blog at

The Inter-Faith Council will host “community discussions” facilitated by Phil Boyle and F. Scottie Seawell of Leading and Governing Associates.

Not everyone is supporting the move from the Old Municipal Building to the proposed site at 1315 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. The IFC has sent invitations to about 1,500 neighbors near the MLK location so we can share the facts about our plans, learn more about opposing views and hear suggestions.

We need everyone at the table to share and learn together about a community challenge that affects us all.