Orange County Convention

So today Orange County had a very good convention. Starting with good food, and good organization, and great attendance by youth, seniors, and some in betweens.

IT brought home to me how important it is to get out the vote. We could look like Massachusetts, we could look like Wake County. We better wake up.

The Senate candidates addressed us. That was quite helpful to hear. Ms Holly Lewis spoke about her husband Ken Lewis and his career and his family and his hard work in getting himself to where he is now. And his dedication to serving the public in every way. Ms. Marshall spoke about the great accomplishments of confronting fraud, discrimination, saving money, protecting citizens from bad money managers, in her terms as Secy of State. And of her ability to defeat Nascar Racer Petty. I did not get a chance to ask Mr. Cunningham whether he has changed his position on the Employee Free Choice Act. But he gave a good stump speech about his military service and his medals that he has pinned on his children. And of having been the President of the Young College Dems when he was at UNC.

I hope everyone works to get out the vote, in every county. We can keep NC BLUE only by working harder than we did in 2008.


Okay, so here's how it's gonna work

Employee Free Choice Act and most other democratic efforts like DADT and the "marriage act" and so forth will either be enacted or not enacted depending on the November 2010 elections. Oh, yeah, I know there is all kinds of rhetoric against that, but it's the truth, y'all. We either get out the vote and quell the "anti's" or we lose. Not only that, we will see a HUGE change in the make up of both the federal and NC state legislatures against our efforts if we don't rally the troops.

Just a warning. Just my thoughts. Am I an "alarmist"???? Probably.

Guilford County had a great day too

Our Convention was very much like Orange County's and I took away the same message, GOTV!!! We have our Blue Crew training set for May 1. I look forward to meeting the Obama voters in my area soon and building the next generation of Democratic voters beyond 2010.

Early Voting starts next week

Tell everyone you know to start thinking and studying. Do not wait til you are in the polling place. Look up the candidates. Study up. Gotta vote smart.

Voting is hard work! but we get the democracy we deserve! that we work for.

And it is mighty hard work.



was a lot of fun. I especially liked rating the resolutions at the end. All the speeches were great, including Joe Hackney, David Price, Elaine Marshall, Holly Lewis, Cal Cunningham, & others, but just getting to know another dem from my precinct a little as we decided how to rate them felt like a very democratic process and fun experience for my first time going to a county convention.

Remember other County

Remember other County Conventions are being held next Saturday.

I'm a moderate Democrat.