Opposition grows over Darrell Allison's appointment at FSU

The UNC BOG has stepped in it again:

“The majority consensus is we need to fight this,” he said. Frink said that he had heard that Allison might be a candidate for the FSU position shortly after Allison resigned from the Board of Governors. Frink said he saw that Allison had little experience that would qualify him to be chancellor. “I never thought he’d have a serious look,” Frink said. “It just caught a lot of people by surprise.”

Allison was a member of the Board of Governors until September when he stepped down to pursue the position at FSU. The Board of Governors, which oversees 17 institutions in the UNC system, approved Allison’s appointment as chancellor of FSU on Feb. 18. The job comes with a $285,000-a-year salary and the use of a car and residence.

Allison has been a major proponent of the privatization of NC schools, so it's more than a little ironic the state is now giving him a car, a house, and over a quarter of a million yearly salary. It appears this battle has just begun:

Frink said he and another alumnus started a petition on change.org opposing Allison's selection. The petition, which says Allison “lacks the education, knowledge and experience” needed to be a chancellor had nearly 1,900 signatures late Wednesday afternoon.

A separate petition on the website asks for solidarity with students. It welcomes Allison as chancellor, but calls for holding him accountable to ensure FSU “thrives in every aspect.”

Frink said he and other alumni will keep opposing Allison’s selection. “We plan to fight it until the very last day and beyond,” he said.

This may also be a "trial balloon" for other UNC BOG members who want to secure one of those cushy Chancellor jobs. Film at eleven.