Master Puppet John Hood of the John Locke Fornication is in rare form today, writing about the favorite subject of wingers: Other People's Money.

Iterations of the OPM myth pervade state political debates. For example, there is a major move afoot in Raleigh right now to convince state lawmakers to put some costly bond issues on the November ballot. Water and sewer needs will cost North Carolina localities $7 billion in just the next half-decade, the argument goes, and “they” can’t afford it all. “State government” should pick up at least $1 billion of the cost in a new statewide bond.

You see, Johnny doesn't like it when the "have's" get asked to help the "have not's" because that means the "have's" don't get to keep all their money. So if our neighbors in poor counties are drinking contaminated water from wells polluted by toxic dumps from North Carolina chartered corporations, Hood basically says to them, "tough shit." Which is exactly the problem with wingers of all stripes and colors. They have no concern or regard for the common good. It's every person for herself, let free-markets reign, and screw the little guy, especially if the little guy is black or Hispanic or poor.

Wingers are all for state's rights, including the state's right to ignore those in need so that rich fat cats like the Pope Puppets can keep more of "their" money.


What We Have Here

Is a near-absolute unwillingness to ballance the common good with special interests. You have a right to your money, but we have government to make sure that certain things get done. When someone is talking about taking OPM to do something for the public, the discussion shouldn't stop with a determination that someone is going to have to pay. You have to do the difficult work of deciding whether it's a good deal for the costs. It's not easy work, and reasonable people disagree, but it is a failure of integrity to not take it on.