Open thread: WYFP?

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There's a Friday tradition at Daily Kos called "What's Your F*cking Problem?" A diarist (usually Elizabeth D) posts an open thread for anyone who wants to weigh in with their frustration du jour. I can't promise it'll make a difference - or even that you'll feel better - but you never know. Give it a try!


My problem today

is that I spent about three hours reading happy horsehit at the Carolina Journal (John Locke Foundation) about climate change being a liberal conspiracy. They claim that 12 scientists don't believe global warming is real, and that the thousands who do are communist conspirators.

JLF Puppets hold stedfastly to self-serving delusions while they accuse everyone around them of being wrong. They are like class clowns, only without the class.

Senator Pittenger

From one of my environmental activist friends . . .

NC Senator Robert Pittenger alone stands atop the steaming heap of manure that keeps us in the fog. It is shameful. Anyone who has seen "An Inconvenient Truth" will recognize this stall tactic. I trust our leaders on the Commission will as well. We haven't the time to waste on this B.S.

-----Original Message-----

From: Senator Robert Pittenger []
Sent: Thursday, June 29, 2006 5:28 PM
Subject: Legislative Commission on Global Climate Change

The Honorable Joe Hackney
House Majority Leader
Co-Chair, Legislative Commission on Global Climate Change
2207 Legislative Building
Raleigh, NC 27601-1096

Mr. John L. W. Garrou
Co-Chair, Legislative Commission on Global Climate Change
P. O. Box 5958
Winston-Salem, NC 27113

Dear Representative Hackney and Mr. Garrou:

As you know, SB 1591 extends the Legislative Commission on Global Climate Change until April 2008. While the Chairs have allowed three of our recommended speakers to address the Commission, my concern is that we must provide for a more balanced presentation of viewpoints on the Commission in light of the pending Commission extension.

The Commission has previously invited presentations by Dr. Robert Balling, Professor of Geography and climatologist, Arizona State University, Dr. Patrick Michaels, Research Professor and State Climatologist, University of Virginia and Dr. Sethu Raman, North Carolina State Climatologist, all of whom were recommended by our office, and are climatologists who addressed the science of global warming. Since the objective of the Commission is to review current scientific data and research on the possible natural and anthropogenic causes of global warming, I believe it would be important to have more climatologists address the Commission. To date, twenty three of the twenty seven individuals who have addressed the Commission represented in some measure the "green community" and advocated government intervention and mandates to curb CO2 emissions.

The Commission is also instructed to evaluate the costs and benefits of policies associated with global warming. Dr. Margo Thorning, Vice President and Chief Economist, American Council for Capital Formation, who was recommended by our office, provided an economic evaluation on this issue. I would hope that we could also invite more environmental economists to provide additional cost/benefit analysis. Dr. Ed Erickson, an Environmental Economist at NC State University and member of the Commission was quoted in a recent Charlotte Observer article related to the Commission that "mandates are all costs and no benefit". We need better cost/benefit analysis by environmental economists, not favorable projections by the "green community".


Robert M. Pittenger

Robert Pittenger is a Puppet and a tool. And he is part of the f*cking problem.

Some 38% of the voting age electorate - Indepedents?

With growing numbers of Americans - some 38% of the voting age electorate - now self-identified as independent voters we need to fear Independents as much as Republicans.

Joe Lieberman may have to run as and Independent to get reelected Senator for CT this year. This is the same Democrat who was the VP on the ticket with Gore.

All the sudden he is not democratic enough for the voters of CT --- outrageous. The Democratic Party is going to take a huge hit if it forces Joe Lieberman to abandon the party and run as an Independent to maintain his seat.

2008 Nightmare Scenario: A strong Independent Presidential Candidate --- The Democrats put forth Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman runs as an Independent

I wish the followers would lead... With a voice so strong in would knock me to my knees...

I have mixed feelings about Lieberman

but they mostly net out negative. What good is a Democrat in the Senate if they go along with nominees like Roberts and ScAlito?

That said, I get your point. I don't want the Dems to be engaged in party purges when there are much bigger battles to fight.

But keep in mind, the "party" isn't backing Lamont in Connecticut. That action is coming from the netroots and the grass roots who want a CT senator who will fight Bush every step of the way.

I fear a Republican / Independent Alliance

In November of 2005, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg won reelection with 59% of the vote. The Republican/Independent (he ran on two ballot lines) defeated Democrat Fernando Ferrer in a city where the Democratic Party has a 5 to 1 voter registration advantage and racial minorities are in the majority. (Yes I know he has more money then GOD and he spent a lot but something else was also a work here)

We must fight to win the Independent vote and court the Neo-Independents. We need to ID who rules the space and the Blogs and storm "That Gate" and not the Democratic party...

I feel Folks are spending too much time and energy on the already converted or the hopelessly damned.

If netroots as a movement is to is to be successful and relevant beyond party fundrasing and influence election results it has to reach these "Independent" voters and help them decide.

We have 2 years to figure it out.


I wish the followers would lead... With a voice so strong in would knock me to my knees...

Looking at the NC 5th

Where Roger Sharpe is challenging Virgina Foxx, the raw data has the 5th at 35% Dem, 47% GOP, 18% Indy.

So that Indy vote could really change the political dynamic of the district.

We win all the Indy votes, it's a 53/47 Dem majority. On the other hand, splitting the Indy votes makes it about, what, 56/44 GOP. The bad situation is when the Indys go the other way, making it 65/35 GOP.

And, FYI, George W Bush won the NC 5th with 66% of the vote in 2004.

The Indies are crucial, and this is a shining example of what can happen with a large GOP/Indy. On the other hand, it is an opportunity to win over GOP strong-holds.

As far as Joe goes though, he's pretty darn Republican already. If he should run as an Indy, then he is only further abandoning the party.

So, while I see the point overall, I would never vote for Say It Ain't So Joe. Let him run as an Independent who supports the war and wants to privatize Social Security. If Lamont loses, then the choice comes down to two Republicans.

What's my fucking problem?

I just watched Syriana. Thaaat's a couple of hours I'll never get back. One of the most boring movies I've ever seen. I've never been much of a George Clooney fan anyway. Not much chance now it will ever happen.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

My problem... hmmmm

Given it is hot, and girls are wearing practically nothing, and ...
Being middle aged and married for a long time, it should be redilly apparent what my problem is.
And it is that.
But, wait, there's more.
Much more.
Asshole realtors who either want to
a. pump up the cost of my house so they get more $$ on their nut, or
b. try to arm wrestle my wife into low balling the price so they can flip the house themselves

should all be summarilly shot and left for the dogs to eat in the yard.

but, no... there's more

my palm pilot is aggrivating me. it is not synching right

my underwear is chafing

and I have to go work all day, then drive all night to NC to look at houses this weekend.


Speaking of Realtors

MFP is that you don't get free dogsitting when you go out to look at houses. That and now that I'm looking forward to being a family man, I'm driving at least 5mph slower at just about all times. WTF is up with that?

Greetings from sunny Georgia.

Good luck finding something....

I quit drinking the minute I found out I was pregnant and haven't gone back. (I have a glass of wine or a beer every now and then...don't get me wrong....just don't tie one on anymore) and I started driving the speed limit. I annoy the hell out of my husband. He won't let me drive anywhere. I might go a mile or two over the limit, but that's it.(I think I've given you this speech before) The best part is, John has slowed down. Now we go a few miles per hour below the speed of sound when we are traveling. :)

Happy house hunting....and be safe.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Saturday Funnies DeLayed

sorry...trying to get ready for a day at the pool. I have some things ready to go but it's going to take a few more minutes to get them up and running.

Sorry guys.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

No worries

There's more than enough real-life ridiculousness to go around this morning . . .

Refuse . . . as in trash

I got an email this morning with a comment on Senator Pittenger:

He must be a target in the next election. A truly hideous piece of refuse.

I wish I had such a way with words. Time to start keeping track of stinky garbage to throw out in 08, when we won't have Taylor and Hayes to kick around any more.

Du jour

Today? I've just rolled out of bed, and the first f*cking problem was the distinct lack of coffee in my house. I haven't encountered the second problem yet, but the first is so grevious as to darken my entire day.

Lieberman can gum my choad. If he runs as an independent he's running against the Democratic Party. He therefore sacrifices any party loyalty. What's left? Some sort of Droopy Dog fealty to the guy Gore put on the 2000 ticket because everyone in America knew that Lieberman would never get his executive member serviced by an intern? I'm supposed to like the guy because he had a soul 40 years ago when he marched for civil rights? That was then, Joementum, now you're undermining the Democratic Party, backing this radical administration, and I still can't forgive you for claiming that you were in a three-way tie for third in the New Hampshire primary when, in fact, you came in fifth. Retire, Lieberman, or this'll be a Joevember to remember when you get absolutely clobbered by both the Democratic and the Republican candidates.

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