Open Thread: Vote Early for Kissell!

If you've got a second, consider recommending this diary at dKos and voting for Larry in the included poll. Then rock the open thread.


My Hiatus

Everyone here has probably heard me and TarGator bitching about the bar exam by now. Over the next three days, my study breaks will become fewer and farther between. Monday and Thursday I'll be traveling back and forth to/from Georgia, and Tuesday and Wednesday are given over to the exam. After tomorrow afternoon, I probably won't be around much.

I've canned next week's posts over at my photoblog, so there'll be fresh stuff going up automatically.


What happened to the little box showing who's online and how many lurkers there are?

It's taking a smoke break

Folks had expressed concern that that box was visible to people who were logged out. It's still there now, but you have to tell the site that you want to see it when you're logged in. To do that:

Click "my account" at the top left of the page

Click "edit" under where your name appears in red

Scroll down to "block configuration" and put a check next to "Who's Online."

That should do the trick!


the same thing that happened to my sign in. I'm locked out.



that seems to happen every now and then, but corrects itself.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Larry has 73%

of the vote at the moment - but of only 45 total votes. I think the topic has gotten buried over at Kos.