Open thread Thursday 12/11

Just looking for a nice clean white slate to write on.


admitting to a little inertia here

between the BlueNC outage and my own technical limitations I haven't gotten anything posted about the convention yet but Jordan Green of Yes Weekly did have time to write it up.

me too

But I'm so glad you posted tonight. I've been meaning to thank you for publicizing the Progressive Dems of NC Convention and Summit here; otherwise I wouldnt have known about it and attended. It was wonderful. What a great and inspiring group of people. I want to encourage everyone at BlueNC to check out PD and get involved, if possible. In all your spare time! I was a bit disappointed that I didnt see a little white dog there...but all was not lost!

Leon says "hello"

he's right here at my feet, my second heartbeat.

Thank you for coming, it was very nice meeting you. I am sorry I wasn't my normally bright vivacious self (snark) on Saturday, lack of sleep and the mission I was on, taking pictures was all I could handle.

At our Guilford County meeting Monday night, we discussed having a Triad Progressive Dems get-together once a quarter gathering in folks from farther afield, maybe around Kernersville for a social evening. That was the one thing we agreed was missing from the convention this time.


I just realized that when I copied something from an old blog post, and then re-saved it, (I think that's what I did anyway) the blog then went to the top of the pile as if it was a newly created post. Sorry! Maybe someone can fix that for me.