Open thread: Pile on Chuck

A recommended diary at Daily Kos features the good, hard work of our own Screwy Hoolie in a round-up of GOP candidates with damning ties to Jack Abramoff.

Way to go Screwy!


Now THAT would be awesome, Mr/s Hack.

I'm not an ebay afficionado. Any one want to sell Chuck's sorry ass to the highest bidder? Must speak Russian, of course.

Not an Ebay expert myself

But you'd want to time it right, make sure in advance people know about it, get screen captures, post to Metafilter, slashdot, or whatever...

You know the drill.

Extra bonus points for anyone who can spoof a Russian IP address. (Nice angle, Anglico)



That DCCC page you link to is excellent. I just found it today after getting a DCCC email.

Anyone looking for topics for LTEs or blog posts will find a cornucopia there.

Scrutiny Hooligans -


Am I the only person who doesn't know how to search for stuff at BlueNC?

Easiest way to search site

Using google add after your search terms, such as "taylor"

Asking for opinions

Here is my answer to Mr. Mcdonald who wrote a letter to the editor about my lte. Please tell me what you think, if I made the correct point and if it's ok to invite people to

Reference Mr. Macdonald’s letter refuting the case I made for blogs; Mr. Macdonald, I agree with you about Jim Lehrer. He is often cited by bloggers in their arguments on a subject.

What I do not agree with is that my assertion was, 1) blogs equal truth and 2) that my post was silly. My assertion is that instead of waiting to be hand-fed the news, you have options, read online newspapers or go to blogs.

Blogs are interactive newspapers with citizen journalists. The difference between blogs and the MSM (main stream media) is that bloggers offer links to articles they base their opinions on. You can follow that link and read the whole article and decide if you agree or not. You also have the option to comment on the opinion, to reject or agree. Blogs are a place where anyone can go and read about current events, politicians, or whatever piques your interest.

I invite everyone to a local blog, This is an online political journal or blog that promotes progressive candidates running for office in NC. We also discuss issues and current events. Our site allows for anonymous comments, registration is free and we encourage community participation.

As I said, the truth is out there, waiting to be discovered.

Thanks, bbl

Sounds great Mom-o

Go for it!

I just looooooove how your cranking things up. Very inspiring!