Open thread: New feature

We reset our programming today so that everyone now has access to the number of "reads" for each post. In addition to the number of comments, you'll also see the number of times that post has been clicked on by any visitor (registered or otherwise). Please let me know whether this functionality is valuable for you. We're always looking for improvements, while trying to maintain a clean, uncluttered look. Feedback welcome and appreciated.


User blocked

Today I had a run in with a recent user (U Dont Own My Fruits) who attacked me personally and dared me to block his account. I gladly obliged.

Our only standard for behavior at BlueNC is that someone may not be "intolerably obnoxious." For now, I am the person who gets to make that judgment. If you're committed to being an asshole, do it somewhere else.

It's about time

Thanks for getting rid of that regressive noise!


Being a flaming liberal extremist, I hate to block people. Some right wing noise, I believe, helps us sharpen our ideas. But I draw the line when someone gets personally insulting to me or any one of our regular community members, especially when they also happen to be illiterate. It's weird, I've found that I'll put up with a fair amount of shit when the person is even moderately articulate.