Open thread: How to talk to crazies

Check out the video blow the fold to see Barney Frank in action. Confronted by a town howler holding a picture of President Obama defaced to look like Hitler, Frank asked "on what planet do you spend most of your time?" When repeatedly asked about Nazis, Frank said, "trying to have a conversation with you would be like trying to argue with a dining room table." My dining room table takes offense.


Openly gay Congressman is first Democrat to find

...the party's misplaced testicles.

Thank Hera you posted this before I did.

Hey, rest of Congress, call out crazy when you see it.

Some fool had the nerve to tell a gay Jew that he was a new Nazi? Who did the Nazis round up again? Jews, gays...

Bargaining with these Amercians for Prosperity idiots is neither necessary nor productive.


Republicans taking offense when they are corrected on lies

Thank you for posting this. I completely agree with Barney Frank. The lies, racism, and comparison of Hitlers Nazi's to those that support Health Care Reform with a Public Option is absurd. I have encountered far too many people like the woman in the video and have confronted them. I actually had one post back at me on Progressive Pulse saying that I was an idiot and a racist because I pointed out that those that are against Health Care Reform are showing their racism by comparing us to Hitler and the Nazi's. They resort to very personal attacks because they don't have a defense for lying and using racial/ethnic intolerance and attacks.

Barney Frank is one of my heroes

I just love the guy.

I'm kinda having to extend my "sabbatical" a bit. Mom's primary is September 15 and I'm really busy helping out. I spent the morning with my rising Junior trying to get a schedule changed at a school that basically decided to put all AP and Honors courses in conflict with each other...well..because...why would you want students to have what they need for college, right? Fortunately, her guidance counselor is awesome.

Between Mom's campaign, back-to-school orientations, etc. and fall plantings needing to go in the garden my time is limited. I'll keep checking in and have some module upgrades to take care of tonight and will have some short posts from time to time, but that's going to be about it for a few weeks. Sorry, but real life (and Charlotte politics) is calling for the next little while.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Personal attacks immediately reduce credibility and integrity

In watching the coverage of these meetings at town halls, the personal attacks immediately reduce the person's credibility and integrity. At that point I hear nothing else that they have to say. Not only did the woman lose credibility, but also Barney Frank. But like everyone else, I am sick of the rantings of death panels and other nonsense. The following opinion by Kaplan is true as stated on MSNBC

Health care reform dead? Think again
It's a lock that Congress will pass it; the real issue is the shape it will take

I agree with Kaplan that this is media "silly season" and things will soon settle down a bit I hope.

I agree 100% with ke151 that they resort to personal attacks because they do not have a defense to what they are saying and/or they do not have the knowledge and have not done any research about what they are attacking. BUT I AM TALKING ABOUT BOTH INDIVIDUALS IN THE VIDEO. They have merely jumped on the crazy wagon. Again, both Frank and the ?constituent lost credibility immediately.

The same happens on this blog....people attack others when they have nothing of value to add. Rather than do some research and come up with an intelligent reply, they attack and resort to 6th grade tactics of calling names. The video should be a reminder of what we look like when we act like 6th graders.

Let me add...I just got to watch more of this crazyness on CNN, and I have to say, for what was thrown at him verbally, Barney Frank did a good job! Who pays these crazy people to show up at these meetings and generate this hysteria?

True deal, Chaos

Most people believe that eventually there will be some kind of health care bill passed by both the House and Senate. Will it happen before the end of the year? I personally doubt it. And, the reason for the delay (hey, Obama wanted it in August after all) is BECAUSE of the town hall meetings and all the hollering and yelling and, to a very big degree, a lot of extremely good questions about this plan which, as anyone with any intelligence knows is not even formulated yet.

As I've said in a previous post..."PATIENCE", Y'ALL.

Go Barney!!!!!!!

Insanity is a inbred sport in Republican politics today!

Great example of Barney Frank's verbal attacker! Thanks!

Thanks for providing us with an example of how to go on the defense and lose credibility and integrity! Great! And you have been on this site for ? 18 hours. WOW.

Now what is the definition of someone who just drops in on a blog?

Go Barney!!!!!!! 2

Now what is the definition of someone who just drops in on a blog?* Chaos

It's call my evil twin dude! Can you understand the Number 2 at the end of my Town Hall Beck name????????

And stop trying to act like a Republican freak at a Town Hall meeting?

Sara Palin evil twin is Mad Town 2

I did not know the woman after Frank is your sister, Mad Town 2

But I can see the resemblance and PPP. Thanks for the warning.* Chaos

The persona in the pic is Sara Palin at the age of 18 being crown for coming in 2nd in the Miss America Alaska Beauty Contest. She lost to a Black Lady who was the first Black to ever enter a Alaska Beauty contest. She now lives in Atlanta Georgia and is a very successful commerial property manager.. She claims that she beat Sara to death in a one on one basketball contest also...

Go Barney!!!!!!! 3

Thanks for providing us with an example of how to go on the defense and lose credibility and integrity! Great! And you have been on this site for ? 18 hours. WOW.* Chaos

"I am mad as Hell and will not take it anymore from Barney." From the Movie "Network"

Medication for multiple personalities Mad Town 3

Better make sure you and your evil twin Dude (that goes to Appy State right? Adam?) are covered in the new health plan. Oops I forgot your sister that verbally attacked Barney Frank.

Pot for sale?

Oops I forgot your sister that verbally attacked Barney Frank.* Chaos

Boy are you confuse! You do understand that I support Barney and not your crossdressing republican sister!

Are you channelling a crazy concern troll?

I'll see your LaRouche wiki link with....

Social Darwinism
wiki link

If you listen to her question, she implies that a new health care plan will kill people to reduce the deficit, which she then imbues with Nazis and Hitler.

She's looney toons. So is anyone that thinks they can reason with her.

Barney was right.

Senators Conrad, Nelson, etc. - line up with her or with the sane citizens of America.


I have almost no doubt...

...she is a LaRouchie. These crazies have tried to infiltrate the Democratic Party for years. The young guy in the dreds sitting next to her appears to be one of her confederates. These folks are pure poison.

If he was making fun of her...

...why was he holding up a photo of Obama as Hitler? The thumbs down, I assume, was him disagreeing with the Obama plan, not the woman. Watch it again. I'm pretty sure I'm correct.

You watch it again, I did and I still think

he was making fun of her, not supporting her. Every time she mentioned Nazi he held up the Nazi Obama pic, but he also boo'd her and looked at her with that "are you insane" look. Other than holding up that pic, which I thought was more of a, this is what she supports move, I don't see him supporting her.

I'm not surprised

Robin Hayes couldn't beat Larry Kissel if both were running for dog catcher. I'm not surprised he's not running.


All Frank does is shout down and insult someone every time he can't or doesn't want to answer a question, or doesn't agree with someone - and it's tiresome. I'm surprised people "applaud" him. Here is the "Brilliant Barney" insisting there was no housing bubble coming back in 2005, and why he will continue to push for home ownership (oops):

By the way, while I agree we shouldn't just throw around Hitler comments lightly (and every President has been compared to Hitler since I've been alive by some segments of society) and it's extremely hackneyed, it is worthwhile to study how socialist, fascist regimes like the Soviet Union, the Nazis (National SOCIALISTS), China, North Korea, come to pass. It doesn't happen overnight, but incrementally, with each transfer of units of power from the people to the state and a lot of enablers along the way who thought they were "getting something". I'm sure a lot of objectors were dismissed as "crazies" along the way. Listen to what's said, and then dismiss it if its absurd, not solely because it's not your position. This is too important a time in America to not study the past, and to not think critically.

How to study the past with crazies

This is too important a time in America to not study the past, and to not think critically.

So socialist and fascist regimes didn't come China and the USSR overnight? Czar Nicholas II and Chiang Kai-shek might disagree with you.

How about you study some history and think critically, eh?


Let me see if I understand what you are saying here Sbob

You think that people like Barney Frank are slowly but surely steering us toward a socialist regime.

This woman was accusing Barney Frank, a jew, of conspiring with the Obama administration to pass something like the Action T-4 program the Nazi's used!

Where are these people coming from?