Open Thread: Giggliani Edition

We had to listen to the Hillary cackle as it swept through the press and the web, so it's only fair to highlight a man giggling.'s awful.




That's Art Pope's man . . . all the way.

Polling wars

Public Policy Polling weighs in on the latest internal numbers from the Moore campaign:

Yesterday Richard Moore's campaign manager, Jay Reiff, sent out an e-mail to supporters touting the results of a new poll by the Benenson Strategy Group. According to the poll Perdue leads Moore 34% to 30%. The mass email and polling memo make note that Moore actually leads Perdue 48% to 33% among voters "who know both candidates."

Reiff did not feel the need to mention in his e-mail that Benenson is the campaign's paid pollster. And as WUNC's Laura Leslie pointed out last night, "although Benensen is one of the better internal pollsters out there, no one gets rich by delivering strictly dismal data. Knowing how to find a silver lining in the numbers is, well, worth a lot of silver."

Haven't read the whole thing

but what it sounds like it is saying is that among undecided voters Perdue doesn't hold a strong lead. It's the undecided voters - and there are lots of them still out there - who will win this race for Moore or Perdue. When the silver lining is undecided's a legitimate silver lining.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Art Pope Rudy Wipe out in his own rigged Straw Poll by Ron Paul

Nearly one hundred young people came out to the Big Easy in downtown Raleigh on Thursday evening for the Wake County Young Republican's Christmas Party and Straw Poll. The political group, which targets young professionals in Wake County, has tripled membership in the last two years by hosting fun and educational events.

"Very few of our members had taken part in a straw poll before and we thought it would be interesting to see who they were likely to support," said Dave Reynolds, Chairman of the Wake County Young Republicans, "Typically, we'll get Rudy, Mitt and Huckabee supporters at our events. Thursday night, Ron Paul supporters wanted to make a statement, and they did. I had no idea there was that many Paul supporters in Raleigh. They just took over the party and flew a mini Bimp over the boiled Shimp dropping money bomb dimes on them. They ripped out our laptop computers with the voting electrion ballots and make us vote by paper ballots. It was horrible, since most of our members can't read or write."

Katy Mumblemouth of the infamous Republican Blog " Conservative Corner" said " I have never seen so many new Ron Paul people at our Xmas party who demanded that I stop being Art Pope internet pimp and watergirl. I thought we had it wrapped up for Rudy in Raleigh, but he appears to be Roast Turkey for the Locke Foundation."

The event had a rush of Ron Paul supporters in attendance, as the group took a very strong interest in the Young Republican Straw Poll that was held during the party. The poll covered Republican candidates for both Presidential and NC Gubernatorial races.

Results of the Wake County Young Republican Straw Poll were as follows:

Republican Presidential Candidates:
Ron Paul: 53%
Rudy Giuliani: 21%
Mike Huckabee: 13%
Mitt Romney: 11%

Republican NC Gubernatorial Candidates:
Judge Bob Orr: 48%* Note, Most of the Votes for Art Pope chosen candiate were from Republicans who thought the famous Hall of fame hockey star Bobby Orr was running for President of the Carolina Canes
Fred Smith: 23%
Undecided: 21%
Bill Graham: 5%


Looks like somebody inhaled....


Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.