Open thread: eWay

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On any given day, nearly 30 million individual items are bought and sold on eBay. Seven hundred thousand Americans report eBay is a primary or secondary source of income. Are you one of them? Do you do eBay?


I've bought and sold

No time anymore. I love going to live auctions. I used to go every week. ya'll know why it's taken me so long to get this house packed up.

I have given away so much crap....and thrown away the rest.

Ahhhh, but I do love a good auction.

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Sold, never bought

Selling is amazing, though. You get matched up with the one person on the whole of the internets willing to pay the most for your Led Zepplin boxed set.

one good reason...

... why equal access to the internet is so very important. Ebay has a low barrier to entry for small business people. Its not easy making lots of money on ebay nor will it make you rich quick. But it can add extra income to individual budgets that can make a important difference. Its this kind of decentralized business creation that scares the hell out of old money. (read republicans) Mainly because its competitive as hell and makes it hard predict change. I want to see lots of individuals and families profit from equal internet access to the internet,

Anyone who hasn't visited my site lately....

I have a couple of Robin Hayes fans jumping in my comments. Now, they are keeping it clean, but they are the typical - change-the-subject, screw the facts, Bill Clinton did it too - kind of Republicans. So, if any of you have a spare moment to check in every now and then to provide backup it would be great. I'm spending more time responding to these two than I am spending doing new posts. One of them is Justin Thibault from A View from the Cheap Seats and he hasn't been ugly, just wrong.....and persistent. :)

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Thanks Lance

I don't know squat about unions...which is why I didn't speak to them. I'm so glad you did.

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Lamont campaign workers injured

I just wanted everyone to know that I visited their blog today and wished all a speedy recovery from everyone here at BlueNC. I figured it would be OK just this once to speak for us all.

For those of you who don't know the elderly man plowed his car into a group of 27 people waiting to cross a road/rr tracks and several Lamont staffers/campaign workers were injured. One, an Iraq war vet, had both legs broken when he pushed someone else out of the way of the car and took the full brunt of the accident least, that's the story I'm hearing.

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I wouldn't dream of doing it for anything other than a get know, that sort of thing. Spreading the love. :)

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That's nuts

Is there any indication that it was anything other than an accident?

No..I'm pretty sure it was an accident

I think the guy was in his brain didn't retain the exact age. I think he was probably going for the brake and hit the wrong pedal. It just made the Charlotte news, although they didn't mention anything about the Lamont campaign. They did say two were in serious condition.

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Coverage & Photo

at My Left Nutmeg (also a link to a post at The guy was 89, which I think is legally dead.


People in my family live well into their 90s and are lively and spritely until the very end. Mean as hell, usually. We had to take my grandmother's license away and work with her eye doctor to keep her from getting a new one when she was about 88 or 89.

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I was kidding, of course.

That's a long-lived family! 89 today means the motorist was born during WWI, which simply blows my mind.

Good News in CT

Again, from My Left Nutmeg:

Rafael "Rafe" Naboa, Lamont campaign coordinator for the 2nd CD, who was injured while pushing someone else out of harm's way at Sailfest (see post below), has been released from the hospital and is on the mend. Seems like the "official" diagnosis is "badly bruised but nothing broken." He'll be off his feet for the next couple of days.

Max, another staffer was scraped up pretty badly and his parents more seriously injured.

Get well cards and other expressions of condolence (like campaign contributions?) can be sent care of the Willimantic campaign office:

713 Main Street
Willimantic, CT 06226