Open thread: Archie Bunker edition

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I don't know what the John Locke Foundation had to pay free-market-maniac Bruce Bartlett to speak at their klan meeting last week, but whatever it was, it was too much. Rob Christensen talked to the guy and sums up his right wing spiel:

"When I say he is not a conservative, what I really mean is that he is not a movement conservative, an intellectual conservative" Bartlett told me. "I think Bush's conservatism is more instinctual -- sort of Archie Bunker-type gut instinct. It's in his gut and not in his brain. He's really not an intellectual person."



That comment was just a smokescreen...

When Bartlett called Bush an instinctual conservative, he was just pulling his punches to make the wingnuts at the John Locke Foundation feel a little better about their internal contradictions.

Bartlett knows exactly what kind of "conservative" Bush really is: "Bush is a big-government conservative". In other words, Bartlett has zeroed right in on the central contradictions of today's Republican party, which most Republicans are too timid to face squarely.

-- zabouti

Besta é tu se você não viver nesse mundo

Besta é tu se você não viver nesse mundo

robust debate about conservatism

Actually we are having a very robust debate about conservatism and it's future, and President Bush's role in particular. The Locke Foundation hosting Bruce Bartlett is an example.

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