Open thread April 13, 2010

1895 8th Grade Exam Administered 115 years Ago TODAY! First question below the fold.

Graduation Examination Questions
of Saline County, Kansas
April 13, 1895

The first question is on grammar:

1. Give nine rules for the use of Capital Letters.

The rest of it is no easier. Be sure to look at the rules for teachers near the bottom.


Not making this up: 2/3 of Tea Partiers support repealing DADT

Good grief!

Obama is to the right of the Tea Party on letting gays serve in the military.

Why isn't repeal of DADT in the m@#4&^ fu@#ing defense appropriations bill?!

Two thirds of the TEA PARTIERS thinks it's okay -- link to latest polling at 538.

Damn the spineless Democrats in DC.

For you establishment politicians in NC -- NOTICE

Equality NC has more Facebook fans than the NC Democratic or NC Republican parties.

The support of LGBT issues is here, whether in the Tea Party or the Facebook generation. Catch up.


Did you notice ?????

Did you notice the Richard Burr ad on the top of that page (your first hyperlink)???? You GOTTA be kidding !!! I am just now able to stop laughing !!!

On the issue of DADT, it is just the most amazing thing that this policy has not been done away with. I have spoken to this many times here and have presented links that show just so many military generals and so many actual troops in the military themselves that are straight but believe DADT is discriminatory and should be recinded. WTF is the hold up? I know, I know, the HCR issue has been on top of the page for the administration and congress, but my GOODNESS, the vast majority of the voters in the U.S., the majority of the people in the military, the majority of democrats in the House and Senate, the majority of the republicans in the House and Senate...and now, even the TEAPARTIERS want this thing done away with.

Is there someone here that can explain why this is still a policy in the military???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Sorry...but this one just gets my goat.

Site question

Is there any way to change the site setup so that when one clicks on a link it opens a new window rather than navigating you away from BlueNC?

I usually right click on links and open them in a new window or tab, but it would be nice if that were the default here.