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Remember how we hated primaries? Well, it looks like 2010 could be shaping up to be a slug fest. Between the Blue Dogs in Congress and the corporatists in the NC Senate, some rough-and-tumble primary challenges would seem entirely in order, depending on the strength of our majorities after November. Sure, it'll be tough to unseat incumbents, but we should at least make them sit up and take notice.

Democrats currently have a 37-seat majority in the US House - larger than any enjoyed by the GOP during its reign of corruption starting in 1994. That means that if we win 32 seats this year, well within the realm of possibility, we'll have a 101-seat majority in the House. Even if we gain a more realistic 20 or so seats, we're still talking a 77-seat majority. And that'll give us breathing room to begin holding our party accountable.

Butterfield, Etheridge, McIntyre & Shuler all voted for retroactive immunity for telephone companies that broke the law.


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James' original link should point here, but has since quickly slid downpage, as things at the Orange Satan oft do.

Video: Candid Camera in John Edwards' House!

As Elizabeth Edwards skyped into the Personal Democracy Forum, Senator John Edwards returned home, unaware that his wife Elizabeth was chatting with with hundreds of PDF attendees.

After Elizabeth motioned to the Senator and asked him to join her, he made a cameo appearance at the forum, via skype, which was being live webcast.

When asked about the impact the internet has had on the Presidential Race, the Senator responded:

"It's completely changed the shape of this race already. It is the only reason that Barack Obama is not taking public financing, because he has a fundraising base that's more grassroots, more small donors that allows him a huge competitive advantage against Bush."

"McCain," corrected Mrs. Edwards.

This is too funny! John didn't know who Elizabeth was skyping with until after she had him sit down and join the conference.

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Yes & Yes

They are very down to earth, family oriented people, no doubt about that.

NCDem Amy on YouTube

I've always liked primaries!

Sometimes they can hurt (e.g. I'm glad no one ran against Kissell!), but, more often than not, they are healthy for the process. People who run unopposed, be they Dem or GOP, really get a "free pass" from our democratic system. All elected officials should be candidates, and defend/promote their agenda and platform. Keeps them honest and our system working...

I have a four-year term to serve...

...on the DNC! Leave me alone! :)

(looks at 2012 calendar, with dreamy-eyed expression...)


Very glad to hear this good news, Thomas. Drive safely.

Propane Tank Alert

Background and Recommended Action

It has come to the attention of the National Propane Gas Association that propane cylinders are being used in the manufacturing of Methamphetamines. This drug is commonly referred to as 'crank'. Manufacturers of this illegal substance are using propane cylinders for the storage and the use of anhydrous ammonia. These cylinders have been found in many states at cylinder exchange and refilling locations as well as in hotel rooms and mobile laboratories, where the manufacturing of this illegal substance takes place.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Somebody tell Hank.

Hank Hill will be horrified.

Dan Besse

Dan Besse

...or propane accessories

Nice. I wondered who would post it first.

Glad to see Easley isn't the only one the enjoys Hank and Peggy.