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Small correction

You may have known this all along, but now it has been demonstrated scientifically: bikinis make men stupid.

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State convention...

I've already spoken with more than a few people who are not happy that they were not included among the delegate candidate list. I'll be calling up some people on the delegate selection committee to see what's the what-what.

I've been in a mood lately, so I'm not in any mood for the "fix" to be in this weekend for this election or any other part of the state party operation. I'll be the crazy person ranting at the microphone at some point in New Bern... :)

join the crowd

There are usualy quite a few crazy people at the microphone at SEC meetings, for some reason most of them come from Wake County........ just kidding

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I'm a big boy, and I know there's certain things all organizations do whether it's a club, a church, or a party organization that may not always seem entirely democratic, open, and kosher. And I know the delegate selection committee had to take a huge list of names and narrow them down, that's understandable. And I'm sure it wasn't easy.

But I'd still like some explanations for the criteria that were used. I'm sure I should know this, but shouldn't the committee meeting have been open to the public (I don't have my plan of organization with me, but aren't all Democratic meetings supposed to be open?). I think it took place at State Party HQ last night, but did anyone know that? Was it posted? Advertised? I know b/c someone on the committee told me.

I'll just briefly mention this, but my "mood" started with the Rules and By-Law Committee of the DNC the other month. Again...the conversation, debate, plan, etc. took place behind closed doors and the "solution" was a fait accompli. I may be overreacting, and I'm willing to be educated, but that's what this feels like. And the fact that the ballot on Saturday is structured so that the person listed first is "preferred" and the second person is...well...I suppose NOT preferred. This is our party?? Really? And I suppose everyone is fine with this b/c this is ALWAYS how it's been done. Our Democratic values at work.

I'm coming near to ranting, so I'll stop...again, I realize there has to be a process, I just need some explanation, is all. But, I can tell you that I'll be starting some inquires about who I want to be candidates for our party leadership in January...

The Delegate Selection Committee

The Delegate Selection (Affirmative Action) Committee had nothing to do with narrowing down the candidates. The committee was ceremonial at best.

The committee was presented a prepared slate (prepared by the NCDP) which they merely voted on. The decision on who to include/not include was made by certain elected officials in coordination with the campaigns.

The only affirmative action goal that wasn't met was GLBT.

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I heard the same thing.

This is my problem (well, one of many, to be sure...). I don't have a problem with the result (per se), what I have a "concern" with is the process.

As you say, the delegate selection committee didn't really do anything (though I wish I was there to see who the "troublemakers" were who voiced their opinion about this "rubber stamping"...I like to know who MY people are...).

So here's my questions for the NCDP: Who was involved in the decision to whittle down the list of Obama/Clinton campaign-approved delegate candidates from the original number to the slate that was presented to the committee, and what standards were used to make these decisions?

This is a due process issue (not to sound grandiose). I'll have to read my NCDP Plan of Organization, but a decision like this, made in a meeting with some group of people (shadow-y figures that they are) should have been open to all Democrats. But in this year of "change" and "new politics" we have the same ol' backroom dealing.

I suppose the powers that be who publicly support Sen. Obama are just all rhetoric, no action...b/c the last time I checked, this isn't what his campaign is all about. But what do I know...

The national party is slowly losing me...I guess the state party wants to join them...

and here is the answer

The rules are DNC rules.

The Presidential candidates have a right of approval. They have been very strict on that approval at the state level. Once the Presidentials narrow the list, there is no process to get back on.

In addition, there are affirmative action goals which you are probably aware of. If we don’t make our best possible effort to meet those goals the DNC won't seat our delegates.

In North Carolina, the Clinton and Obama campaigns worked together to compile the list to meet all of our affirmative action goals.

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I know all this.

What I know is (and I'll make these numbers up for a second, but I know it's something like this w/o going to look them up) that 150 were approved by the Presidential campaigns, but that the delegate selection committee was presented with a ballot of 90 names. And you can say that the affirmative action goals are what helped mold the list, but we can start pointing out names, and I'm sure that their race, orientation, disability status is not what got them on there. I won't name names, but I hope you get my drift.

But, I'm not trying to be crazy ranting guy. Honestly, I'm not. If what you say is what happened, then the NCDP should let us know which people were in charge of winnowing down the list FROM the delegate candidates who applied and WERE ALREADY approved by the campaigns TO the "proposed" delegate slate which was presented to the delegate selection committee. If you are saying that it was the affirmative action goals which were in play, let us know who at the NCDP made these decisions. B/c it sure as heck was not the delegate selection committee...

All right., thanks, Jerimee!

Just a few remaining questions...then I promise to hush!

Q: So when I read this:

Candidates removed from the list of bona fide supporters by a Presidential candidate may not be elected as a delegate or alternate at that level pledged to that Presidential candidate (including uncommitted status).

That means that Sen. Rand and Rep. Blue removed all the names of all the Obama delegate candidates I know of that didn't make the final delegate candidate ballot, correct?

Q: When I read this:

On Thursday, June 17, 2008, the Affirmative and Delegate Selection Committee meets to review Notice of Candidacy for At-large delegates and alternates and certify to the State Party Chair a minimum of (2) candidates for each male and female position allocated for each At-large delegate, provided that a sufficient number have filed a Notice of Candidacy form to allow for a minimum of two (2) candidates for each male and female position allocated to their preference. In addition, the Affirmative Action and Delegate Selection Committee must assign candidates to a particular Delegate slot to be filled in order to promote the Affirmative Action goals of this Plan.

This didn't happen, though. I know that the committee was presented with the "proposed" delegate ballot by a NCDP representative. So, if the committee didn't winnow down the original list of candidates due to affirmative action goals, was this the campaign representatives doing this or ... ? It seems to me the committee (and please correct me if I'm wrong) didn't DO anything, but more or less acted as a rubber stamp.

Q: I'm looking at the plan...and I don't see the spot where it says, "The first name listed on the ballot shall be the preferred option presented by the NCDP to state delegates at convention. However, the state delegates shall be free to vote for either the first or second name on the ballot."

In fact, what I've read is this:

Any individual or group of Democrats may sponsor or endorse a slate of candidates for convention delegate. But no slate may, by virtue of such endorsement, receive preferential treatment or a preferential place on a delegate selection ballot or be publicly identified on the ballot as the “official” slate, and all slates must meet identical qualifying requirements for appearing on a ballot at all levels of the delegate selection process.

So, and again, please let me know if I'm just being crazy, I'm to understand that the first name listed on the ballot is in no way shape, form, a nod-wink or unofficial or "understood" or etc. as being the preferred name on any of these ballots? If that's just a nasty rumor or if it's just coincidence (when I look at the ballot) that this is what it appears to be, then please correct me (I'm learning here!). :)

Q: According to the rules:

All meetings (of the delegate selection committee) will be open to members of the Democratic Party and discrimination on the basis of status in the conduct of Democratic Party affairs is prohibited. Adequate notice shall be given concerning all meetings, processes, and requirements attendant to this delegate selection process as may be necessary to ensure full and equal participation by all North Carolina registered Democrats.

Um...did I miss the "adequate notice" of this meeting? Was it listed on the website calendar? I don't see it on the calendar. Was it listed/advertised/circulated/communicated in some other manner or form? (sorry, I've been doing some discovery motions this week, I've been writing questions like this all week...just be glad I'm not trying to depose you...)

Thanks for your help! A responsive Party is a happy Party...

Speaking of "tape"

Read this from Mark Binker.

The NC Senate GOP has just provided the pudding with which the NCDP should file a complaint against the JLF.

Just sayin'.

Thomas S. Brock

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So I thought that y'all might want to see this...

I'm sure that James will be posting on this later, but I wanted to go ahead and put up the link. The level that Blackwater will sink too are pretty ridiculous...I wait James screed now with baited fingers....

Original article from the N&O

The post that I saw from TPM.



The Great appear great because we are on our knees – Let Us Rise!
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The Great appear great because we are on our knees – Let Us Rise!
-- “Big Jim” Larkin

Work of art, Jerimee

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

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Susan Burgess for DNC

I just got a letter from Susan Burgess, mayor pro tem of Charlotte. She explained her campaign for DNC member at the SEC meeting this Sunday in New Bern.

At the end of her letter, she had her phone number, so I gave her a call.

Long story short: She rocks. I heartily endorse her for DNC!

From someone who has had her differences with

Susan Burgess, I will heartily second your assessment of her. She most certainly rocks. If I were going, she would get my vote.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Donnan endorsed by Equality North Carolina

From Ian Palmquist:

The election is the runoff to determine the Democratic nominee for Commissioner of Labor, and Equality NC PAC is proud to endorse Mary Fant Donnan.

Why does it matter? The Commissioner of Labor is our state's leader on issues affecting workers. We need a Commissioner who will be a strong voice against discrimination and for the rights of all workers in our state.

Mary Fant Donnan has devoted herself to making our state a more fair and just place to live, having worked as an employee of the Department of Labor, and more recently as a program officer at the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation. We know she'll make a great Commissioner of Labor.

Gray, please take a moment Tuesday to cast your vote for Mary Fant Donnan.

For Equality,

Ian Palmquist, Executive Director

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Candidates: 1-race ballot detracts voters

From the Charlotte Observer:

click this link for full story:

Candidates: 1-race ballot detracts voters
Melissa Caron
State labor commissioner candidates John Brooks and Mary Fant Donnan said in Charlotte today that they fear a one-race ballot will attract few voters to the polls on Tuesday.

Brooks and Donnan face each other in a Democratic runoff. They spoke before members of the Uptown Democratic Forum today, encouraging members to tell others to vote.

As of mid-afternoon, 57 voters had cast ballots early in Mecklenburg County, according to the county's board of elections.

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