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This had me giggling yesterday

I know that is immature, but I will just have to embrace that

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


pretty much sums it up.

I read that there's a strong

I read that there's a strong likelihood that emails were doctored by the Russian propaganda machine.

Stanley Riggs, coastal geologist

resigns. I have days when the ineffective plight of what we actually do or pay attention to the future seems mind numbing.

"GREENVILLE — Stanley Riggs, an original member of the panel of scientists and engineers formed to advise the state’s Coastal Resources Commission, has resigned.

"Riggs said the science panel’s work had become stymied by increasing political pressure to allow “unlimited growth and development” of the North Carolina coast. The North Carolina General Assembly’s response to the panel’s original 2010 report on sea-level rise and other, more recent coastal policy decisions were factors, he said.

“The reason I’m resigning now is I just can’t feel like I can contribute anything more. We’re ineffective,” Riggs told CRO Tuesday."

When experts throw their hands up to inconsistent political special interests, the tide may have very well turned.