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Haven't seen one of these for a while. Did they go out of style?spoolofcolors

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Anyone know how to post a pdf?

Someone just sent me:

Spending by Outside Groups in NC General Assembly Races
Amount spent in each District
North Carolina FreeEnterprise Foundation

Spending by Outside Groups in NC General Assembly Races
2010 Election Cycle
North Carolina FreeEnterprise Foundation

I'd like to share these

Not sure, but if you have

a Google account (Gmail), you might be able to send it to yourself, save it in Google docs, and then link to it. And maybe even copy&paste some quotes. I've never done it, but it seems possible.

do have a look at these

google docs. the email these came with was a little awkward to read but here is an excerpt:

As previously noted, Real Jobs NC, Americans for Prosperity, and Civitas Action spent the bulk of the money, just under $2 million. However, other groups spent considerable sums, including the previously unreported Washington, DC-based Americans for Tax Reform, which spent over $51,000 in three State Senate districts and one State House district. Other groups that were previously unreported include the NRA Political Victory Fund, Grass Roots NC Forum for Firearm Education Political Victory Fund, and Koch Industries. Also included is $200,000 spent by the State Employees Association of North Carolina (SEANC) toward its efforts to defeat former House Majority Leader Hugh Holliman (D-Davidson) in N.C House District 81.

so, is this the Citizens United in action?

or just regular old PAC/SuperPAC contributions? IS there a difference?

As I scroll through this I see Civitas Action only spending vast sums against certain Democrats. No money for any Republicans. So what does that mean? Did they take out negative attack ads against these lucky Dems?

Sorry for all the questions. I really am trying to deconstruct this stuff as much as possible.

And Koch Industries gave $122.42 to each of their favorite Republicans. I guess they were spreading themselves thin across the whole country.

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You can also upload to or and there are some options for embedding in a post.

Thanks, I'll try that

BTW can anyone else open the google docs links above? It works for me but opens in my gmail account.

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Thanks SEANC

largest outside contribution in the House was $200,000 by SEANC to defeat Hugh Holliman