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Lewis backs Elaine

Via email

Dear James,

This morning, as I stood with Elaine Marshall to endorse her campaign for Senate, I couldn't help but think about the primary campaign. Together, you and I waged an incredible fight that focused on issues and captured the imagination of thousands.

Even though we fell short at the polls, I'm writing to tell you that we're not done.

We have in Elaine Marshall the opportunity to continue to fight for what we believe in - and that's why I'm proud to join her today.

I am standing with Elaine Marshall - and I'll do all I can to get her to the US Senate. Join me by contributing $5 or more to Elaine today!

I respect all the candidates that ran, but, after it all, I'm supporting Elaine Marshall because I believe she can beat Richard Burr, and because I know she'll be a real fighter for North Carolinians in the Senate.

I've seen her in action first hand, and I look forward to seeing her retire Burr.

Elaine's work as Secretary of State and her historic electoral victories make her the strongest candidate in this run-off and in the general election. On the campaign trail she is tough, smart, and one of the hardest working candidates I've ever seen.

With your help, I know that we can secure Elaine Marshall the nomination and start uniting the Democratic Party. Then, we'll take the fight to Richard Burr.

Join me in supporting Elaine Marshall by giving $5 or more to her campaign:

Thank you for your continued support,

P.S. Let's send Elaine on to defeat Richard Burr. Please help by chipping in $5 or more to her campaign today!


Thanks for posting this, James.


Is Scharisson an employee on BlueNC?

BlueNC is not an employer

It is a privately held public community. Scharrison is a volunteer here or better yet, a Citizen Journalist. Reading his posts you'll learn more about the state and politics than you ever will from most of the stenographers on the MSM.

Thank you

I asked that question because it looked like a lot of the "James" posts were followed directly by Scharrison posts supporting what "James" posts said.

Just an observation and wanted to ask. i appreciate you clearing that up for me.


BlueNC doesn't have any employees, but I do occasionally take on help to keep the wheels turning. Steve is one of the people I've done that with. He and I think alike in some areas, not in others. I am not the boss of anyone.

In any case, Steve is around a lot because he keeps up with spammers, new accounts, obnoxious behavior, etc. Plus he has super-admin privileges, which means he can write his own stuff and front-page it on his own.

Truth is, I wish I could spend millions hiring reporters and cartoonists and programmers and videographers and more. Unfortunately, this is a labor of love, not of a viable business. Yet.


can someone explain to me....

... the purpose and spirit of the Open Thread so I can figure out when to post stuff here and when to create a blog post? Cannot find it by searching...


Katy Munger,
Progress North Carolina Action

Lead, follow or get out of the way....

Open threads

The general concept for open threads is "water cooler." An easy way to drop in random stuff that may not warrant the trouble of an entire post. I use them for sharing things that I personally find interesting, sometimes to do with politics, sometimes just for fun.

They're also a good way for quick self promotion, fundraising appeals, short rants, personal updates, etc.

Lately I've been slammed with work and have not bee doing a good job keeping open threads up and running. Our general goal is to have one open thread on the front page at all times.

It's a catch-all spot

to put things that you don't really think will make pertinent replies but you just want to pass it along in case.

Thanks for the clarifications...

I can definitely help feed interesting stuff here. Is there a formal limit on Talking Heads references? :)

Katy Munger,
Progress North Carolina Action

Lead, follow or get out of the way....

"Drop me in the water" :)

We don't have very many "limits" here, Katy, regardless of what some under-the-bridge dwellers might infer.

Another observation about open thread vs. separate diary: If you think (or hope) a comment might generate an extended discussion, giving it its own space (diary) might be best.