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Why isn't more advocacy this fun?

Marching band, Lady Gaga, and Political Activism

I think I died and went to gay activist heaven.

The folks made a video that went viral urging folks in their targeted circles that are likely to travel to this destination (summer Pride events in San Francisco) to avoid certain hotels.

Very impressive targeting -- and free and fun.


Big day for opposition

comments here at BlueNC. Is today some sort of Libertarian holiday or something? Ludwig von Mises' birthday, maybe? Did Jupiter and Mars flirt with a full Moon (Steve pulls down his pants) last night?

Good question

If I was forced to answer that, I would say that it is because they are just as focused on their particular train of thought as any other political ideology is.

Bummer for America.

I'd say they are MORE focused

and more fundamentalist. That gives them strength on one had, but makes them crazy on the other.

Or maybe I should say it makes ME crazy.

CALL NOW: Don’t Let the Senate Excuse Car Dealers

From the Center for Responsible Lending:

CALL NOW: Don’t Let the Senate Excuse Car Dealers from Lending Rules

Today the Senate will consider an amendment to the financial reform bill that would allow car dealers to ignore sensible lending rules that apply to other auto lenders like small banks and credit unions. Car loans from car dealers are the number one source of consumer complaints according to the Better Business Bureau. Exempting car dealers would be particularly bad for our men and women in service, who are frequently targets for rip-offs.

Please call your Senators NOW—tomorrow will be too late. Urge them to oppose the Brownback Amendment #3789 to exempt auto dealers from S. 3217. Call (202) 224-3121 to be connected to your Senators or find your Senator here.

Here are some suggested talking points:

* Don't exempt auto dealers from sensible lending rules for all Americans.
* Don’t allow the number one source of consumer complaints – car loans from new and used auto dealers – to continue.
* Don’t ignore our men and women in service: The Department of Defense and military groups have identified predatory car loans as a major problem for soldiers and their families. Just yesterday Army Secretary John McHugh and Holly Petraeus, director of the Council of Better Business Bureau’s Military Line Program, stated their strong opposition to a carve-out for car dealers.

Thanks for your fast action on this vote.