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The human brain, for all its power, is suspicious of difficulty. Effective marketers, politicians, and sales people all know to keep it simple.

Psychologists have determined, for example, that shares in companies with easy-to-pronounce names do indeed significantly outperform those with hard-to-pronounce names. Other studies have shown that when presenting people with a factual statement, manipulations that make the statement easier to mentally process - even totally nonsubstantive changes like writing it in a cleaner font or making it rhyme or simply repeating it - can alter people’s judgment of the truth of the statement, along with their evaluation of the intelligence of the statement’s author and their confidence in their own judgments and abilities.

I guess that explains the simple-minded appeal of a certain sockless Senator named Dick Burr.


McClatchy-NC fails to report party of crooked former pol

If this former politican was a Democrat instead of a Republican, would this omission have happened?

...not with the single-party-scandal narrative the mainstream media has lapped up hook-line-and-sinker from Uncle Feztser.

John Carrington was a former GOP state senator.

Looks like more charges are forthcoming for GOPer Carrington.

I hope this GOP scandal gets half the media play some 5 year old Dem scandals keep getting.