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Perdue takes the right approach ... a strong editorial from Gaston County.

Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue’s campaign recently disclosed eight flights that had not been property reported ... it's important to note that these revelations are a result of an internal audit by Gov. Perdue’s own campaign committee. They’re not the result of a government organization, a newspaper or other media outlet, or a watchdog group.

The Perdue campaign said the audit came after officials noticed some inconsistencies in data when transitioning to a new computer reporting system. The last group of flights was actually related to her lieutenant governor’s races.

Go read the rest of the editorial. Especially the part about Republican's hyperventilating over the Governor's perfectly appropriate actions.

Republican officials were quick to criticize Gov. Perdue and called for a full-blown investigation. That prompted a counter-argument by top Democratic Party officials that the GOP should audit its candidates’ travel records to make sure all of its flights have been properly reported.

Unfortunately, it appears to be the nature of politicians to bicker. Fortunately, Gov. Perdue’s campaign has pushed ahead to make what is apparently an exhaustive effort to set the record straight.

Gov. Perdue, during her little more than a year as governor, has made efforts to increase transparency in state government. We hope those steps continue.


Palin a commie?

How many seconds would it take for a tea bagger to accuse Obama of being a communist if he wore this Fidel Castro hat?

Frank Rich in the NYT dismantles opposition to DADT repeal

Once again, Frank Rich shows the way and documents why it is not only politically possible, but preferable to do it now.

By forcing Republicans to be more extreme than the public is, you can drive away the independents they need to win in Nov 2010.

Will anyone heed his sound advice on this well-polled issue?