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Recommended diaries are back

With traffic picking up, we're experimenting again with recommending posts.

The posts at the right are left over from the last time we had the system in place. It's always been a little funky from an operational sense, so we'll see how it goes.

When you see a post you like, click on the stars to recommend it ... and let's see if we can make this functionality workable.

Runaway business vs. runaway government

An interesting post by an old friend. It's written from a business consulting point of view, but the core question is intriguing. I believe government would do well to think more like business ... and vice versa. Progressives, in particular, need to make the case (which is easy) that effective public planning, fair-share taxes, and good government are in the best interest of most businesses and their shareholders.

We're all in this together, no?

Tim D'Annunzio machine gun fund raiser! Win a gun!

Tim D'annunzio, republican candidate to run for Congress against Larry Kissell (NC-08), has an original fund raiser planned: A Machine Gun Social!

MP 5s and Uzis will be available to shoot. $25 per magazine (yes, you can buy multiple mags... just put a multiple of $25 in the amount field). Includes Carolina BBQ and refreshments. Door prizes from Jim's Guns including an AR-15.


What an odd bird this guy is. Too afraid to come here and talk, but happy to make millions as a war profiteer.

Guns, Parachutes, Tanks, Straight Jackets for D^annuzio?

It is rumor that Tim D^annunzio has Volunteer to be a moving target for the Republican Tea Bag fund raiser and will perform a Parachute Jump from his old days as a Golden Knight without a Chute. And for his grand finale, He will lay on a Board of Nails and let a M-1 Abrams Battle Tank drive over him.