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There is an important and quite general feature to the commons problem—what economist Thomas Schelling called “the tyranny of small decisions.” When deciding whether to add another cow to your herd, you are not choosing to destroy a common resource in order to get a little more milk. Faced with that choice, you might refrain. The choice you see is a little more milk in exchange for a little less grass. Good deal. So, commons problems are marked by conflicts between individual and collective interests and between short-term and long-term interests. It is from this tragic dilemma that we must escape.


The usual...

Democrats read better than write, send irate e-mails better than scream, disorganize better than...


Long long read....but thought provoking!

James...too long of a read for my lunch break, but I gave it my best. I would relate this to how I feel about wind turbines being placed on protected ridges or coastal areas, but I do not feel like being beaten up today.

This could apply to many situations that affect us all right now.

Whew....try for a shorter read in the future!



The wind questions came to my mind, too.

This reminds me of one of my favorite headlines from years ago: Don't make a long story short.


Oh, really?

The wind questions came to my mind, too.

You should just go outside to do that then as opposed to posting here.

Your wife would appreciate your new found brevity.

Not that both your orifices aren't brilliant! But only one seems to find it's way here James. The really myopic one that needs stretching seems to post alot.

Not so much of a long read really

But, you know what? I tire of the "past quotes" by bygone (and even relative "recent" bygone) citizens and notables because even though they do sound so inspiring, we're in a totally different generation and time. Things are so much different now than when many of the great quotes were presented even though many do apply if given the opportunity to blend into our way of life somehow.

I'm a patriot and I love what our founding fathers and those that followed them did for us and what they built for our nation. Sometimes their quotes (and even quotes of the last generation) don't apply to today's America. Thanks to Blue NC I can express that opinion with impunity.

My open gripe has to deal

My open gripe has to deal with the Senate race.

The media and national Democrats are constantly fishing for a "big name" while those actually running or considering a run are far more in line with the base.

I'd prefer Cunningham, Lewis, or Foy to Wicker or Etheridge every day of the week and twice on Sunday - yet the national Dem's are focused on finding a moderate "name". The three I mentioned could actually excite the base and the money would come if the national Dem's backed them.

But then again the DC folks prefer to stereotype what will win in the South to the detriment of our common principles then wonder why they have difficulty passing climate change legislation or health care.


Well said, Nation.

We're listening to DC, but are they listening to us?

-- A liberal originally from Yadkin County. Did I just blow your mind?

The Cunningham wit

from the post-script to Cal Cunningham's response to Richard Burr's invitation to join him for a debate on Health Care, (he politely declined) as reported by "Under the Dome":

"PS. You really should give up dipping snuff. I've found there is no future in it."


My thought is timing

Timing is everything. Primary challenges allow candidates to tighten their message and hone their skill for eventual confrontation with the other party.

BTW, all the candidates have been invited to speak at the PDNC convention on Sept 19th. It's a great chance for them to be in front of a statewide audience.

What Happened to Ken Lewis?

Somehow, the Dome piece completely forgets to mention that Ken Lewis, the man who called for this debate ( and who massively circulated an fundraising email based SOLELY on the fact that he called the debate) is inexplicably absent.

Why did he do this?

He already decided to skip his Keynote address agreement (which was kept by Cal Cunningham) this past Saturday with the 5th District Democrats.

If these disappearing acts are representative of Mr. Lewis' commitment to this race, then I fail to see how he will garner any support.

At least the other contenders, as far as I know, have been working the state, keeping their promises and methodically gaining grassroots support for a candidacy.

I mean, really, can someone answer me that question? Where in the world is Kenneth Lewis?

-- A liberal originally from Yadkin County. Did I just blow your mind?

I have no idea

what your response is meant to signify, but I find it sophmoric and misplaced.

Ken Lewis asked for this debate. Now, he is nowhere to be found. Not just at that debate, but also in the story about Burr doing this all by himself.

I would think you might be curious to find out why he wasn't there. And your elevation of the race of the candidate in this instance is vulgar and unwarranted.

You want to find out what's wrong, you start with the root of the problem.

Please produce a more thoughtful and rational response - if you produce one at all. Thanks.

-- A liberal originally from Yadkin County. Did I just blow your mind?

Kenneth actually accepted and

Kenneth actually accepted and said he would be happy to debate. I think this was an Under the Dome error.


Not knocking Dome - but it wouldn't be the first time a mistake like that has happened. Happens to us all.

Their post was just very deliberate about no Dem stepping up to debate - which I found weird because I saw that Kenneth originally called for it.

Would like to see how they respond to that mis-reporting.

-- A liberal originally from Yadkin County. Did I just blow your mind?

They probably bought into

They probably bought into Burr spin without fact checking.

Lewis earned that media coverage

He would have been an idiot to NOT raise money off of it. I won't decide between the Democratic candidates as a personal voting choice until the primary, but I can tell you that the Lewis operation is professional and well run so far.

You want to sell Cal, then sell Cal. If you are attacking Lewis at this point, then that sends the message you don't have anything positive to say about Cal.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Wait a Second

I'm just trying to find out why Dome did not mention this as a debate - rather as a Burr speaking engagement on health care.

The title says "Burr, alone, will talk about health care."

Did Dome just completely forget where the genesis of this debate occured? I'm only knocking the Lewis operation because he made this challenge, sent out the fundraising letter, but (according to Dome), it now appears that he is not showing up.

You have talked to the man. Perhaps you can shed some light on the subject. It would just seem like a MAJOR omission on Dome's part to write a headline like that, not even mention Lewis, and throw in Cunningham's letter as an aside at the end.

Why am I the only one who seems concerned about this either A) incomplete reporting or B)incomplete follow through by the initiator of this televised debate?

-- A liberal originally from Yadkin County. Did I just blow your mind?

I am bummed out on this one

There must be some explaination why no democratic official took Burr up on his invitation. Maybe this venue would be just some kind of pro-conservative/pro-republican event? Why didn't any of our democratic elected officials go, or those that would challenge him in the next election? It seems that this would be a great way to present "our side" and to dissuade those that are against the issue to have a forum in that respect.

What is this all about, really?

Ken Lewis agreed

see my new post. Even Burr admits that Lewis said yes. Burr refused unless all of them said yes.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Oh yeah..I see

Got it. Thanks Betsy

All of whom?

Lewis is the only declared candidate. Burr's a flip flopper, or, perhaps as Metatron as been arguing, a racist flip flopper.

You're screaming too loud

No one can understand you. Seriously ... I'm not sure what you're talking about. Dome messes up on a regular basis, if not more often.

Why the deficit hawks are still wrong

These two paragraphs are wonkish, but that two paragraphs following them bring it home.

Japan now has a debt to GDP ratio of close to 180 percent. This would be the equivalent of a $27 trillion debt in the United States. Yet investors around the world are happy to hold yen and in fact hold 10-year Japanese government bonds at interest rates of less than 2.0 percent.

Looking back to U.S. history, after World War II, the debt to GDP ratio rose to 120 percent. This would be $18 trillion in today's economy. Yet, the three decades following the war were the period of most rapid growth in U.S. history, and the debt to GDP ratio fell to less than 30 percent.

Entire column summarizing the Keynesian economics case here