An open letter calling for the Investigation of Congressman Patrick McHenry

Looks like it's time to jump on the bandwagon. Today, Mr. Ed Readling of Hickory (a Republican, but I won't hold it against him this time) wrote a letter to the Hickory Daily Record: McHenry needs to be investigated.

This is my open letter explaining why, and demanding that our Democrat representatives pick this charge up. The gerrymandered 10th district has the first opportunity in a long time to show the world why Congressman Patrick McHenry is a disgrace to the district- let's not screw this up.

When Patrick McHenry was elected, he promised a lot of things- jobs, honesty, integrity, and other qualities that the Republicans of the 10th District elected him to accomplish. He promised them a representative that would fight for their needs in Congress and would work to bring Republican values to Congress. Unfortunately, what he didn't tell them was that his behavior would make him one of the biggest embarrassments in Congress to this date.

Patrick McHenry is now national news thanks to his insulting comments toward a security guard in Iraq- a security guard that only restricted him from entering a gym. But McHenry did not stop there- attempting one of the most ridiculous PR stunts since the Geraldo Rivera snafu in 2003, Patrick McHenry posted a video online that clearly pointed out the names, locations, and efficiency of rocket attacks by the enemy towards the Green Zone. Not two days after this video was available online, two (possibly three, depending on the news article) men were killed, and up to 17 were wounded- in attacks that were curiously more accurate and deadly than previous attacks. McHenry has not apologized for this action, nor has he even made an attempt to do anything but hide- he refuses to answer phone calls on the subject, and has only made his staffers go online with horribly Astroturfed blogs and made them continually post about what a "Military Supporter" McHenry is.

Apparently, Patrick McHenry is too arrogant to even admit he may have made a mistake.

Congressmen of the United States are called to serve their country, no matter their party affiliation or political goals. When a Congressman is potentially responsible for deaths, the news should not be hidden, shoved aside or otherwise made diminutive in the news in order to save a Politician's ego. It is an embarrassment that the blogosphere has had to spread the news- newspapers, and other news networks should have the integrity to investigate Patrick McHenry, no matter how much "power" he has in Washington.

That is why I believe that our Democratic (and even Republican, if they have the guts) representatives in Washington and in Raleigh should call for an investigation into Patrick McHenry's behavior in this attack, and I further want them to examine if Patrick McHenry is even fit for service as a representative of this district. Patrick McHenry, in my opinion, has committed treason toward the United States. Do not let this opportunity slip.

This is no longer about partisan hate. This post is not coming from a Democrat, it's coming from a citizen and a voter. If Patrick McHenry was a Democrat, I dare say I might still post demanding for his resignation: what Patrick McHenry did is wrong, no matter how you twist it, no matter what side of the fence you are on. Attacking Patrick McHenry is not an attack on the Republican party: it is an attack on his corruption.

All I ask of my fellow Democrats (and again, Republicans, if you even read this) is to contact your representatives (U.S. Congress, U.S. Senate, The N.C. house, the Governor, etc...), no matter where you live, and call for them to openly demand the investigation of Patrick McHenry, and for them to bring this news to the table. Many of our representatives are too nervous of McHenry's political clout to challenge him: let's end that.

To Find your State Representatives:

To find your local NC Representative:

Let's make damn sure that McHenry is never elected to office again- we owe it to the soldiers he may be responsible for killing.


Make sure you send a link

to all the district papers. I did it last time and got some "thank you's" from editors.

What do you want them to investigate?

The military has already investigated and told him to stop showing the video. He might be a useless tool, but that's hardly grounds for an investigation. Heck, I think the Pink Panther could figure that out in about five minutes without falling down once.

And as for being nervous of McHenry's political clout, give me a break on that one.

You know, I don't know if I

You know, I don't know if I should take your comments legitimately or not, especially since I've seen a surprising amount of Pro-McHenry people come out on the same blogs/websites that have been surprisingly Anti-McHenry, especially considering these people seem to not only all follow the same pattern, but the same message and the same writing style. But hey, I'll respond.

If your theory was correct, then if I posted a detailed list of weaknesses of the Green Zone on here and then removed it after two days, I would be absolved from being investigated.

No, the world does not work that way. Those who want to kill our soldiers now have the video thanks to his stupidity, and it's involved two lives. I don't care how meaningless you think it is: one soldier's live is worth a million of Patrick McHenry's.

Macaca for McHenry?

That subject line is a direct rip-off from a thread on, which is frequented most often by rabid rightwingers. That's what made it interesting to me that I have not only seen NO defenses of McHenry offered in the wake of these most recent stumbles (I know there's a better word for it), but see contributions from what I suspect are some die-hard conservatives just piling on McHenry.

In fact, the thread I'm referencing was started by a regular whose very name causes one to recall images of people waving confederate flags, sitting on their beer coolers and cheering as so-called sons of the South march by the town's main street.

For what it's worth, I recommend a look, especially because the last post on that thread is from someone in the military.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
-Edmund Burke

Other than what I've posted

Other than what I've posted above (that McHenry is using his staffers to man some places, Digg, for one), I've noticed the same thing. It's funny how his support has basically disappeared the second he's seriously challenged.

Just goes to show you what little support he really had.

But I'm certainly gonna check that out- is that on their forums, or what?