Oops, forgot BNC Veterans Day

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Well, I did not forget it, I was just too busy yesterday and did not get to the computer until today.

First off, it seems we forgot the Coast Guard, of which I am proud to be a veteran. I was also in the Navy, but that was before the Coast Guard. I wanted to join the CG, but it was nearly impossible in 1972, so I joined the Navy.

And, because I was young, dumb and wanted to prove something to my dad, I became a Hospital Corpsman just like he had been. At the time, with a draft lottery number of 2 or 3 (IIRC) it seemed like a good way to sit out the ending war in Southeast Asia.

Of course, the recruiter neglected to mention the intimate connection between Hospital Corpsmen and the Fleet Marine Force and it never occurred to my 17-year-old mind to research anything.

I am sure you all are seeing where this is going.

There are those who will tell you that the war for US forces ended in 1972, or 1973 when the last flag officer moved MAACV from Saigon to Clark Air Force Base. This is not the case.

The US Embassy was defended by 3 Battalions of the 9th Marines, of which I was a lowly Hospital Corpsman. We did various things like recover helicopters the Navy wanted, snatch and grab operations for CIA assets and enemies, and good old embassy guard duty.

I was there for operation Frequent Wind, which was the diddy mau off the roof via helicopter. I left Viet Nam with the clothes on my back, a pistol with no bullets, someone else's M16, a helmet and my Unit One (medic bag.) Oh yeah, and a grenade, which we threw at a NVA tank as we blew out of town.

We landed on the USS Coral Sea where I slept for nearly two days on the hangar deck. Slept so long and so hard, I thought the non-skid marks on my skin would be there forever.

Two weeks later we were honored to get sent into Cambodia, under cover of the "Mayaguez Incident" to bolster the CIA's drug dealing, and "help" those who escaped from Viet Nam across the border. We were also "searching" for Pol Pot, and had orders to arrest him.

Of course, if we had looked where the CIA met with him, it may have helped.

Am I bitter? No. I am past all that. I got out of the Navy and joined the Coast Guard where I had many more great adventures during the "War on Some Drugs." More on that another time.

Sorry I missed the day, and sorry for being long-winded.

Semper Fi and Semper Paratus everyone.

Frontpaged by Anglico . . . in honor of the Coast Guard which I am embarrassed to have left out of my introduction to BlueNC Veteran's Day


Wonderful to have the CG represented

I'll look forward to your sea stories. War on Some Drugs. Funny.

Happy weekend. And thanks for writing this. It's great to know all this about you.

yeeee haaaaaaa, the puddle pirates

have landed! I take it you are at least 6 feet tall? so you could walk to shore incase your ship sank?

Great post! BTW, did you at least get a near miss on that tank? Enough to make them crap their pants?

Bet that was the best sleep of your life?

I remember doing drug ops while on the Josephus Daniels, I felt like a pirate when we would haul down our Ensign and raise the Coast Guard flag and turn on our flashing Blue Light and pull ships over. Thought that was a hoot, my Commander did not have the authority to stop that ship, but the LT in the Coast Guard could.

Glad I was not on the boarding party having to climb them jacobs ladders onto them high freeboard ships.

That's okay, Ang... we are used to being ignored

and for those of us who are not quite 6' tall, you never see us over the WAVES anyway.

Of course there is also the NOAA officer corps, the PHS, and still some commissioned naval officers in the Merchant Marine who even get forgotten more than the Coast Guard.

"diddy mau?"

You are too funny, Ash-man. Too funny. I definitely want to hear more about all of it, especially the "war on some drugs." And you were not long-winded at all. In fact, this is obviously an intro to a hilarious book that's very, very real. If we can't laugh we would be crying. I bet it wasn't nearly as funny when it was happening.


All you vets, keep these stories coming. My Dad's only words about WWII: "From a plane trying to land, an aircraft carrier looks like a postage stamp." And, "I dropped bombs on palm trees. At least that's all I could see." I think there was much much more he never said to anyone.
“All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.”
So enjoy the drama.

Diddy Mau... or di di maou

was a common expression in Viet Nam... it meant roughly, remove yourself from my immediate area or I will rip off your head and shit down your neck.

except with more urgency.

it was as close as non-Viet speakers could come to the correct pronunciation, I think.

I think I better reevaluate

my thinking of ashe. I surely dont wish for you to diddy mau me especially with any urgency!

You where a good puddle pirate. Honest! I will be a good squid and go sit at the bow looking for some realitive bearing grease. OOO wait, not at the Head, thats whould be a good place to perform diddy mau. dang, where is a safe place? the yard arm, I will be on the yard arm.

Never too late!

Actually, it's perfect. I've loved all the stories. Every single one. I hope we can schedule another theme day soon.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

You numba 1 GI

you buy me Saigon tea? You Bac Si?

Great story! Loved it!
SE NC Dems

Stan Bozarth