The ongoing dialogue about Race, or White Supremacy

How the racists of the South have ruled this nation from the very beginning.

White people now whining about reverse racism, whatever that is, should read this article, and the book behind it, Edward E. Baptist in The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism".

The issue is NOT racism, never has been. It is about White Supremacy to benefit the upper crust and slave owners of Southern Society, all sitting around and sobbing over their losses in the War to Free the Slaves - a pox on all. And now their cultural and perhaps literal descendants, are whining about "reverse racism" when the real issue is declining pure whites in this lovely valley of tears against growing minorities. Little late guys and girls. And, yes, we do owe reparations, unpopular as that may be among the race baiters.

Learn something profound and read this book.