One-Year Victory Reunion and Health-Care Rally/Canvass

The HOPE Beacon Has Been Lit!

It has been one year since we made history in North Carolina, accomplishing the daunting task of turning a North Carolina blue for the first time in decades. Echoing our president, "Now it's time to deliver." Time to deliver on health-care reform.

Former NC for Change campaign staffers are flying in from all over the country to participate in this rally and canvass the weekend of Nov 7, so please join us as we celebrate an anniversary and get into action.

Canvass and Phone Bank for Health Care Reform
Kick-Off Rally at 12 Noon
Saturday, November 7
NC Organizing for America Headquarters
130 E. Morgan St
Raleigh, NC
(The former home of the Capital Region HQ!)

Everyone is welcome. Come see your old Obama comrades and keep the activism going.

Yes, we can reform health care!