This one was as bad as it gets

In 1968, Abbie Hoffman set out for the Democratic Convention with what he called his intent to destroy the Democratic Party. Well it took 42 years, Hoffman died in 1989 of a self-inficted drug overdose, but last night the movement he began finally made it happen. We have been down before thier was the election of 1972, 1980, 1984, 1988, 1994, and 2002, but they were childs play compaired to this one. This one is going to leave a lasting effect that both the state and national party will have to go back to square on the raod to recovery. And how did we get here, well that is a tough one for me to understand. In 2006 and 2008 is seemed like Democrats we on the way to something great, but it is not be. We were able to have Democrats elected from districts that had not voted Demoract in many years, we had folks we had left the party preparing to come back home, we were looking like we would be able to break the bonds we had, since Hoffman and his crowd invaded the convention.

A Democratic party which would be lead by, hard working, God fearing, decent, honest, middle America. Who lived by the laws of God and man and just wanted to make a better world for thier children. But alas, they came back. I had hoped that after the disaster of 1994 the party activist would have learned about overeaching, but I guess they just could not. Nationaly the party was pushing a health care law that was not poplular, while ingoring unemployment. Stimuals packaging, immigration reform and trying to end DADT. Now it is the GOP winnig areas they have not seen in a long time. But it did not end in Washington, in Raleigh the legislure passed a ban on smoking in bars, a very unpopular bullying law, death penalty restrictions and of course a tax increase. And all our political capital has been flushed down the drain.

There were some bright spots Heath Shuler is becoming a rising star, and Larry Kissell kept a campaign promise on health care, which although won him re-election, the party activist scorned both of them. Charles Jenkins in the State senate is a great candidate for minorty leader, if the party is smart enough to choose him. And it is always possible the GOP could follow our lead and throw it down the drain, but barring that we are going to be in the minority for some time get used to it.


Two years

All bets are off in 2012. North Carolina's middle class will be in disastrously worse shape two years from now. The Republican majority in Raleigh will make the Wake County School Board look like a bunch of geniuses. Their efforts will fail, both in the state and across the nation.