One NC County Removes 1200 Abandoned Mobile Homes

One North Carolina County, Brunswick, has quietly removed more than 1,200 abandoned mobile homes from its environs since 2001. This article provides a profile of Brunswick's Appearance and Code Enforcement (ACE) program.

Readers should pick a few lessons from Brunswick. One, if one county can find 1,200 abandoned mobile homes, then imagine how many we have in the other 99 counties! Two, a deliberate approach can solve the problem, without antagonizing anyone. This really is a program without natural enemies. Last, imagine how much better we'd be if Brunswick and all other NC Counties had full regulatory authority (as well as funding!) to clean up these units. Support H1700, now waiting to be heard in the Senate.


Abandoned Bill

The bill is sponsored in the Senate by Floyd McKissick, Jr. H1134 is going to be heard next in the Senate Committee on Commerce, Small Business and Entrepreneurship. That committee is chaired by R.C. Soles, Jr. The vice-Chairs are Tony Rand and David W. Hoyle.

Of that group, Soles' and Rand's districts are the ones with the most abandoned homes. Other members of the committee with plentiful abandoned units are Dr. William Purcell, Harris Blake, Larry Shaw, and John Kerr.

Adam Rust
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Adam Rust
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He's my senator too and I'm

He's my senator too and I'm sure you are right, unless he forgets which side he's suppose to vote on.

I'm a moderate Democrat.