Once More Democrats Let Circumstances Control Them

BlueNC has been advocating dealing with the Jim Black issue before he destroys the Democratic Party's electoral chances in this state. For months, our calls have fallen on deaf ears. Now the Winston-Salem Journal is reporting that Democrats have finally awoken to the problem:

A Democratic member of the N.C. House said yesterday that his colleagues should start planning for the possibility that House Speaker Jim Black could be indicted.

Rep. Hugh Holliman, D-Davidson, said that he and other Democratic legislators are concerned about whether Black violated campaign-finance laws by, among other things, completing the payee lines on checks for campaign contributions.

The problem for the Democrats now is that they have to play defensive on the issue of Black being indicted rather than the opportunity they could of had. The party could have shown that it stands for integrity by ousting Black when it became clear that he was not acting on behalf of the common good. This would have presented a clear alternative the Republican's allowance of corruption on the national level. For those of you thinking this is just hindsight, I recommended this action before any public hearings (and before we moved to our current blogging platform so no link to the original, but here is a link to my December 15th post calling for his resignation).


This is what we get

when people spend their time figuring out the "political calculus" instead of doing the right thing. Good post, TG.

Ya know....

I'm going to differ with you on one point. I think Jim Black let the circumstances control this. I bet other Dems have asked him to resign, but just haven't come out publicly. If he resigns and they all handle it right instead of feeding on the carcass, they might actually come out looking good in this. YOu know....something like...

Jim Black didn't believe he was breaking the law. We had no reason to doubt him. We applaud him for stepping aside for the good of the state. With this issue behind us, we can all concentrate on what is important for the great state of North Carolina. We wish Jim the best and look forward to seeing him clear his good name. Today we move forward.

It might be complete and utter bull shit, but it sounds positive instead of what usually happens when everyone jumps on the carcass to feed.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Given Black's Behavior Thus Far...

They will have to drag him from the speaker's chair with the jaws of life...And then get a restraining order.