Okay, everyone close your eyes and the person who did it raise their hand

The Shelby Star is, right now, under attack from someone calling themselves Patrick T McHenry- the person is on their "Message Board", spamming pornographic/disgusting content all over the "Politics" section, possibly in reference to the Shelby Star snubbing one or more Pro-Daniel-Johnson editorials or something. I won't post a link, but what's going on?

EDIT: A video from the spammer has been released somehow-
"Henry Swanson"?

Let's just hope this guy doesn't find BlueNC. Anglico, keep on your toes for us!



I hate it when stuff like this happens, which it does far too often. Fortunately, BlueNC has dodged this sort of thing for the most part.

OK....I know I shouldn't laugh

This isn't at all helpful, but I did laugh. I've had a horrible two weeks and I'm at the end of my rope and this just cracked me up. I know. It isn't funny. I'm so ashamed I laughed.

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