Oh, Sweetness Itself!

Real Values: Shuler CRUSHING Taylor in Fundraising:

According to just released FEC information, Heath Shuler is absolutely crushing morally bankrupt Charles Taylor in fundraising (Taylor is still probably waiting on those Russian mob checks or Indian gaming checks to clear).

You'll have to click on over for the numbers. It's worth it!


I have this fear

that Republicans will get huge boluses of cash in the last quarter. Let's just hope that Democrats with deep pockets can do the same.

I think it is interesting that people you think are progressive and wealthy like Bill Gates give lots of money to Republicans as well as Democrats. Yet, people like Philip Anschutz have no problem giving NOTHING to Democrats, only to Republicans.

Even at the billionare level, Democrats weanie out on their morals. Damn it, why can't we stand up for what we believe in?

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

I think Gates

probably looks at it as a business expense.

Exactly my point.

Look at this guy. He's got dozens of businesses, yet a search of FEC.gov shows that he has never given one red cent to a democrat.

Aha! Ben Cohen is our man. He has supported nothing but Dems and Indys and most of the candidates he has given to have been women!

Go Ben!

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


the head of Costco only gives to Dems. I can't remember his name.

reality check time

I hate to burst your bubble but Taylor was crushed early on by Patsy, too. I won't look for the links because it makes me nauseous.

And if it's a matter of who can buy the most TV, Taylor can self-finance out the yin-yang. I've been through this emotional roller coaster before.

But, it IS good news that Shuler's doing well . . . it's just, at this point, doing well really just means avoiding the bad publicity he would have gotten if he had been doing poorly.

Agreed....but I do think it is different this time

It is good to be cautiously optomistic- all campaigns are roller coasters. From a distance I thought Patsy looked good too, but let's face it- this is NOT 2002 and Heath Schuler is not Patsy Keever (kind wish he was on the issues) outside of Buncombe and Henderson counties Schuler plays better than her- even without all of Taylors issues. For that matter Sam Neil was well funded too. This is the kind of news that creates buzz and BUILDS momentum and hopefully pays for not only tv ads, but a good ground game on election day. It is a good day......have a few beers my NC-11 friends!!

I hear ya

And no one wants the buzz to build more than I do. And his support out west of the Balsams is truly awesome and significant. You go, Heath et al. Anything I can do to help, I will.

great job Screwy

I just went there. Congratulations. I guess I just don't know how to go about this kind of thing.

And I want to add to my comments about Keever -- they were far behind Shuler at this point, even though they, too, were ahead of Taylor. It's an indicator of great support. I just don't want anyone to get complacent.