Odds and Ends

There had been some commenting on the issue, but I would like to see it opened up into a bigger discussion. NC-11 would be a huge win, and it is well within reach. Most outlets have taken for granted the Shuler/Taylor match-up, and in all likelyhood, that will be the case come November.
Recently, though, John Armor has been more active in the GOP race, perhaps presenting a viable primary challenge to Taylor. (Shuler also has a primary challenger, but with a manslaughter conviction and his steadfast support for legalizing marijuana, Michael Morgan will not likely exert too much pressure.) Armor Seems to be setting himself up to flank Taylor from the libertarian right. If you are interested in learning about this candidate, there are a few good references on the web. For starters, he finally launched a website:


There was also a recent interview with him at BlogAsheville:


For the most thourough information, I'd consult ChronWatch, a site where he has a number of postings:


Armor is extremely well qualified and I am sure would make a better congressman than Taylor. The question is, can he beat Taylor in the primaries, and more importantly, would we want him to?
What are the odds for Shuler like? We know that he's been creeping up on Taylor, and so you've got to wonder, in the end, who does Shuler have the best chance of beating in November?


Toss Taylor

I would rather Armor win the primary even if he were a stronger opponent. But I think that Armor will not be a stronger opponent given the incredible advantage incumbency gives.

Wingnut primary

Hopefully, Taylor and Armor will dig up sufficient animosity toward each other that citizens will find themselves disgusted with both. Taylor seems like a character from the Sopranos, and Armor is more like Dr. Doolittle. Each for his different reasons appears to have little connection to the common good.