Obtaining property under false pretenses is a crime!

So two bail bondsmen and two court clerks who improperly accessed court computers are being charged with obtaining property by false pretenses - which is a crime.

Any thoughts about the political consultant who got an NCDP contractor to use NCDP resources to perform a LexisNexis search on candidates in contested races for public and party office, then passed it onto another campaign?

Do you think the contractor, consultant and the campaign worker should be similarly charged? I do!

A party staffer takes e-mail addresses that are the property of one campaign and trades them to another campaign in exchange for a job.

Do you think both the party staffer and the campaign worker (and maybe the candidate himself) should be charged? I do!

The DNC in Charlotte spends a lot of donor money buying tech gear like desktop computers, monitors, laptops, printers, smart phones, etc. - and assigns them to staffers. The staffers don't return $500K worth of gear when they are done working, and the Convention committee turns in a police report to the police in order to make an insurance claim. Surely they must have known who they assigned the gear to.

Do you think the staffers assigned the gear should be charged with a crime? What about the staffers who turned in the insurance claim who surely would have to know who the gear was assigned to?

Great story about indictments in Wake County today.

Indictments in alleged Wake County bail bond scheme

Updated at 01:32 PM today
Ed Crump

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- A Wake County grand jury has handed up indictments in an alleged scheme to help bail bondsmen avoid paying forfeited bonds for people who didn't show up on their court dates.

Two former court clerks and two bondsmen were indicted Tuesday.

Kenneth Vernon Golder II and James L. Perkins are charged with obtaining property by false pretenses, accessing a government computer, altering court records, and misdemeanor bond violation. Golder faces an additional charge of misdemeanor unlicensed bail bonding.

Former court clerks Kelvin Lawrence Ballentine and Latoya Tanisha Barnes are charged with obtaining property by false pretenses, accessing a government computer, and altering court records.

Investigators say the money would have gone to Wake County schools, and totaled nearly $1 million.

The SBI has been investigating the case since last August, when Wake County District Attorney Colon Willoughby requested agents look into it.

When someone is arrested, they often have to post a bond to get out of jail before their trial. They either have to come up with the cash themselves, or they can pay a bail bondsman a non-refundable fee to post the bond for them. If the person later doesn't show up for court, the bondsman forfeits the full amount of the bond.

But prosecutors allege in Wake County bondsmen paid bribes to avoid paying forfeited bonds. The scheme had apparently been going on for years.

While the criminal cases are being worked by the SBI and DA's office, Wake County Public Schools attorney Rod Malone told ABC11 he will be working in civil court to recover the money and fines and penalties to the tune of a total of about $1.5 million.


Chris, please clarify

Are you accusing me of having committed a crime?

Perry Woods


I do not feel guilty about anything I've done, but you should have the courage of your convictions and name names, rather than making cowardly false implications.

I generally ignore your ramblings, but when you imply I somehow committed a crime, I must call you on it.

For the record, I asked a friend who was a Op Researcher to look into Randy Voller because I had heard he had some business issues after you and other PINO's started attacking Eric Mansfield first. In 4 minutes, the researcher came back with the info that Randy had more than a quarter of million dollar tax lien. I did not know he was working for NCDP, nor that he would use the NCDP Nexis Login to do the search. He had been working for Walter Dalton, and it turns out they paid him through the NCDP. Frankly, even that he did, so what. The NCDP should do a Nexis/Lexis search on anyone seeking an Executive Counsel position and make that info available to the SEC. Our past is not an automatic dis qualifier, but info people should be aware of in making their decisions to elect Party officers.

I committed no crime, and instead of implying I did, why don't you put my name to your false accusation so I can go ahead and sue you. To me it is an issue that has long passed, but your obsessive nature has left you blind to tin foil hat conspiracy theories that are the equivalent to any tea party rant. It is not only to your detriment, but unfortunately continues to undermine the credibility of the NCDP and it's ability to effectively fulfill its mission of electing Democrats.

Once again making false accusations against me in a public forum

I simply asked people on here how they felt about several situations that have occurred at NCDP over the years. I asked others if they thought the situations I listed should be considered a crime. I didn't specify you by name, nor accuse you of committing a crime, but you chose to take offense.

You write that you asked a friend who was an Op Researcher to look up Randy Voller because you heard he had some business issues. Where did you think he'd get this information that you couldn't find by yourself on Google? Why you couldn't Google it yourself? If you had, you might have discovered that Randy admitted the tax issues on his own campaign website!

And an experienced political operative who worked for one of the Caucuses based at NCDP didn't think that your friend working for the Dalton campaign might have been paid through NCDP? How well did you know this friend anyway? Wasn't he the same guy that you nominated for the SEC from the floor of the Wake Dems County Convention in April 2013?

Frankly your "so what" attitude about your recollection of the events and insistence that NCDP should do (and pay for) a LexisNexis search on ANYONE seeking an Executive COUNCIL position (over 50 people so far) and making it available to the SEC is interesting.

It's not your place to make that decision by yourself.

You haven't admitted that you asked the same friend to do the searches on Gwen and Jeffrey Starkweather. Allow me to make the assumption that you did - why did you ask for the search on Starkweather? He wasn't even running for any public or party office? And it's interesting that while you did ask your Op Research friend to research Randy (and possibly Gwen and Jeffrey), I note that you didn't ask your friend to do any searches on Eric Mansfield, or on Nina, or Zach or Andy, etc. Why not?

You made some very nasty and untrue things about me at the April 2012 Wake Dems convention because I was running for 1st Vice Chair and would have a real vote on who we might hire as a vendor in the future. Then after you succeeded in your task, you made accusations against David Parker and Jay Parmley. But by that time - the whole convention had certainly grown tired of your ugliness directed towards me and decided they had enough of you.

But many people do blame you if not for creating that crisis for your own benefit and that of your fellow-travelers, then for fanning the flames for your own benefit. When you showed up with a candidate for NCDP Chair if the SEC accepted David Parker's resignation, they all saw what this was all about. You may want to forget about that - but believe me - many others haven't forgotten and don't want to forget. And those people did feel then and still feel now that it was all about Taxpayer Checkoff money. But it's starting to look like a whole lot more was involved.

Time and circumstances have proven the accusations made by you and others false. But at what cost? Jay Parmley resigned, but the ESC determined he was actually given no choice but to resign, effectively meaning he was fired. He filed for unemployment, and the ESC determined he was fired for no fault of his own. Meaning no evidence that he sexually harassed anyone.

Some third-party took Watt Jones' dumb e-mails referring to these allegations to the press. That much is admitted by Ortega in his complaint. That way no one could point a finger to either Ortega or the NCDP (or staffers per their confidentiality agreement) and say that one of them violated the non-disclosure agreement.

How much money did the NCDP and David Parker have to spend defending against the lawsuit from Ortega and his Republican lawyer? Part of the lawsuit was dismissed, and instead of appealing it - the Shanahan firm withdrew the suit. And then two weeks later, Shanahan suddenly and mysteriously quits his Public Safety post. Hmmmmm

The people responsible for releasing Watt's email to shed light on the agreement cost us much in 2012. They scrambled our party in both the May primary and the November general elections. Donors and the larger campaigns that have long laundered money through the party lost confidence in party leadership, and that might have cost us millions.

They helped Amendment One pass, and helped cause many of our candidates to lose. We lost the governor's mansion, and further cemented GOP control in the NCGA. You may not have had a thing to do with the release of those docs - but the speed and zest at which you threw yourself into the situation makes you a big target for people to blame.

Of course to you these and other things are issues that have long passed. But to many people wondering where their donations go to, and who works for the candidates asking for their votes, I feel it's a very relevant question to ask. Party activists and voters deserve to know who their party leaders and candidates are hiring. Many people still feel they got cheated by those 2009 Wake "Board of Elections" mailers you were responsible for during the 2009 Board of Education race. Those mailers sucked up much of the money the Wake Dems had at that time. Many people didn't get those mailers till it was too late, and even those folks who did get them on time wondered why that big mistake wasn't caught before it was too late? Of course, many folks also wondered who made the decision to go that route anyway.

Don't you feel your efforts to dodge responsibility for your own actions continue to undermine your own credibility - to say nothing of the the credibility of the people who hire you to do work for them?

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

Again, your delusion is somewhat limitless.

I never asked for info on Gwen or Jeff Starkeweather, and take complete responsibility for my actions because to date I've done nothing wrong. I have not tried to dodge anything. I asked for info on Randy because it was a campaign. Duh. I didn't give a second thought to where Nexis search was done because any law firm could do it. Although Gwen is a perfect example why the NCDP should provide Nexis/Lexis searches of EC candidates to the SEC.

In 2009, I did one piece of mail for the County Party, dropped five days before the election. If some didn't get delivered on time, that was on the post office because by law they were supposed to treat as 1st class. Happens some times. Frankly, we could have done 10 pieces of mail in 2009 and it would not have made a bit of difference. That was an upstream year. I have done the mail for the BoE races the past two cycles, and won every one. Scoreboard.

My motivation for calling for Parker's resignation is simple. He either covered up sexual harassment, or committed the worst political mal-practice in the history of the NCDP. He may have handled it as his lawyer said a business would, but the Party is a political organization and in the perception business. Trying to make allegations go away with non-disclosure agreements was politically untenable. Even if it wasn't fair, Parker's continued presence as Chair clearly was putting himself above the good of the Party. It was never about the checkoff money. He is a liar, and you passed out that crazy flyer full of bald face lies that blamed the Council of State for acknowledging Parker's ineptitude. How ironic that if all the SEC members who voted to keep Parker gave him just $10, he would have raised more money than he did. But hey, no point in rehashing now.

Everything i said about you at the Wake County Convention was true, and if you don't think so, feel free to sue me. You again prove my point that your temperament makes you an ill fit as first vice chair of the County Party. Frankly, your continued bull in a china shop routine makes you unfit for any real position of responsibility. I admire your passion and dedication, and I've tried to help you in the past, but you are a bully, a misogynist, and deluded out of your mind. Turns out also a coward.


If any law firm could do it - why didn't you ask them to do it?

Don't worry Perry - one day enough truth will come out about all these things and your role in them. And I know I will be around to enjoy it.

Keep telling yourself that I would want your help or ever need it. You are an egotistical fool to think I'd want it. You were wrong about the strategy to keep Wake County using 100% paper ballots back in 2006. If we had listened to you, we'd have DRE machines for Early Voting. My strategy got the Wake Commissioners to vote 7-0 to go 100% paper. My passion and dedication did that - not your keen political acumen.

If you didn't ask for the searches on Gwen and Jeff, why were they part of the search your friend did? As for you claiming you have done nothing wrong, it's perhaps because the truth hasn't come out yet. Or not enough people know about it and your role in many things that go on.

Nice explanation of the 2009 mailer for the Wake County party. Still don't know why you didn't understand it was a "Board of Education" and not a "Board of Election" mailer. Clearly making a goof like that is something you'd like to forget. I am sure you'd like to take credit for the BOE wins in 2013 - but what about the Stagner race? Where does that go on your scoreboard?

While you may be a political consultant, you are not a lawyer. Parker didn't cover up sexual harassment - he dealt with the allegations of sexual harassment according to the instructions from the party lawyer. It sounds like your real beef is with the other party lawyer - not David. Without a non--disclosure agreement, Parker would have been free to challenge the allegations. But the damage still have been done. Settlements and non-disclosure agreements are common in business - but they only work if all parties follow through.

Under employment law, privacy trumps transparency whether it's regular business or a political party. In fact the NCDP POO says we can't violate state or federal laws. So no matter how you spin it - Parker had to do what he did. And what's to keep the Republicans or any frustrated establishment Dem from making wild accusations against grassroots Dems to make the resign from office for the "good of the Party"? Perry you seem to forget that you are not the sole arbiter of what is good and not good for the Party. That's what the democratic process is all about. It's a shame you work in politics but don't respect the democratic process.

And let's not forget - that circumstances proved both you and many others wrong about the sexual harassment claim. Parker lied about nothing.

And you can spin that BS about it not being about the checkoff money all you want. The rejection of Parker's resignation showed you and the others just how wrong you are about the grassroots of the Party. If politics is all about perception, the SEC members perceived that you and your consultant buddies were out for the taxpayer checkoff money. I can understand how angry you and your friends are to have been beaten yet again by grassroots amateurs. Sort of the way I feel when some blind guy with a disposable camera gets picked to shoot Sports Illustrated swimsuits models. But I don't go ballistic when I back the wrong horse and lose! Grow up for Pete's sake!

No Perry - everything you said about me wasn't true - and you admitted as much at a later date. You admitted that you repeated what you were told by someone else without first verifying it. Don't deny it - me and many others have the screen shots. And you are much more of a bully than I have ever been. It's not being a bully when you stand your ground and give a back to a bully (like you) as good as I am given. Sometimes better - as in both the May 2012 and Feb 2013 SEC election victories of my candidate against your candidate.

But I am very plain-spoken and I call bullshit when I see or hear it. I called BS on you for your mailer and the fact that the Wake Dems Chair never ran his plans by the Board or the CEC to flush so much money down the toilet on your "Board of Elections" mailer. I think deep down people are tired of your political BS and prefer to hear plain talk.

And sometimes a bull in the china shop is just what is needed to make others seem more reasonable. If your first position is always the more reasonable one, you will never make the gains you either want or need. If Obama had pushed for Single Payer/Medicare for All, we might have a public option. But when he started at the Public Option, and then gave up on that - look what we got stuck with.

Your temperament and many other things makes you ill-suited for being a political consultant. But I admire your for still plugging away as a consultant - none of your mistakes seem to embarrass you! Did you see the looks on the COS members faces when they lost not one but two votes against Parker on the same day? SEC members and others saw your attempts to push Parker out and replace him with someone who had no experience as a Democratic Party officer at any level as exactly what it was. I'd have given a lot of money to have ridden back with you and/or the client you handled.

As for all those nasty names you called me - I won't repeat the advice my late father gave me - which is what his late father gave him. My late mother told me "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names can never hurt me." Even names you hurl at me. Especially when it's you hurling those names.

And on what planet are you from calling me a "misogynist"? Do you even know the meaning of the word? I like women - have loved several - and certainly don't hate them. Yet another documented thing you are making up for reasons only known to you.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

Rip nailed it.

Conspiracy-seekers, axe-grinding fanatics and drama-kings, oh my.

Truth hurts only those who have something to hide.

Voller is a visionary. He envisions a Democratic Party that serves the people of North Carolina. Voller believes they deserve education, fair opportunity and a government that serves them. The company he keeps broadcasts facts about corruption and bad behavior by staff and the consultants they hire. Randy Voller is not a bully, but he tells the truth and fights for justice. Those who support him stir those who oppose him and the cycle continues.

Goodwin House staff in the past few months failed to support the training of county parties to get precincts organized, raise money and recruit good Democratic candidates to run in 2014. Goodwin House staff served establishment Democrats. This staff was directed by an ED who is now history.

Going forward into 2014 things will be different. Casey Mann, the interim ED, is working hard to take this training to the county chairs and volunteers. Her training sessions are well received and effective.

You called Sallie Leslie, Elaine Marshall and Janet Cowell Liars

The only thing Catherine E. and Jo Anne C. likely agree on is that you are a misogynist. You sadly continue to prove my point even in your posts today.

You are mistaken on many fronts. It wasn't just me calling for Parker's resignation. The Governor, the Nominee, and most of those whose name was on the ballot did. That SEC meeting was a farce. Never in the history of the party has there been a vote to accept a resignation, and there has not been one since. We went into the meeting and didn't attack David because he promised after the vote he would step down anyway. You passed out a pack of lies, David gave a big stem winder, then called for a vote. No one got up and bashed him because again, he promised he was stepping down regardless of the vote. David was telling DNC that five minutes before he came down and said, 'you crazy people.'

Every candidate who was willing to fill in, if David had actually kept his word, promised to keep same check-off formula so it wasn't about that, but keep on with that delusion as well.

As to Randy Stagner, we were outspent 2-1 in a Republican leaning district, with Randy carrying on a war with the paper against my advice even though they were printing falsehoods, and we still almost won. That said, I fret over that race far more than the 8 I worked on that won this year. I'm sure I make mistakes, and never win them all. It's just what you generally accuse me of isn't true nor mistakes I have made.

As to admitting that I didn't verify every detail in my statement at convention, probably, but likely I was trying to be nice to you. I stand completely behind the point I made then. You are a bully, a misogynist, and have the wrong temperament to serve in any Party office. If I had a regret its I probably didn't need to do it to keep you from winning, but in the end, I'm glad I didn't leave it to chance.

It is however shocking to me the President didn't call you for advice on how to pass health care reform.

You may be right about my temperament as a political consultant. If so, candidates probably will not wish to work with me further. So far, that hasn't been my experience.

Again, all of this is pointless, so I will not comment further. You are in your own world. Good luck to you and those who follow you. My apologies to those on this site who have wasted their time with this thread.

I never called Elaine, Sallie Leslie and Janet Cowell liars.

First off - neither Elaine Marshall nor Janet Cowell have any first-hand direct evidence that sexual harassment occurred by NCDP employees. All they had was opinions based on information fed to them by consultants who had a vested interest in the taxpayer checkoff money. Same goes for the Governor and other elected officials. I said that then - and I stand by that today. And you keep proving my point every time you incorrectly use a big word when you call me nasty names.

Jay Parmley's ESC claim and the dismissal/withdrawal of the Ortega lawsuit against NCDP and Parker (along with the resignation of Shanahan) prove there was no sexual harassment. Which also proves my point.

As for Sallie Leslie - I really don't know why you think I lied about her. What do you allege I said about her that was a lie? What did she do that I allegedly lied about?

You do realize that objecting to objectionable behavior by women doesn't make one a misogynist. I am an equal-opportunity objector to dirty tricks and lies. Are you really saying that women should get a free pass for telling lies about people, or assaulting people in public, filing false police reports, tampering with ballots, or posting fake help wanted announcements on Facebook and then blaming it on someone else?

So you are sure you've made mistakes, but you say I the things I have accused you of either aren't true or aren't mistakes. What exactly was it about the 2009 "Board of Elections" mailer that wasn't true or wasn't a mistake?

The NCDP POO requires County Party Chairs to prepare a strategic plan and have the CEC vote on it. Under Doris Weaver, we had a rule whereby if we had to spend more than a certain amount of money (other than for regular expenses such as rent, utilities, and ED salary), we had to have a vote of the Board. Can you please explain why the Wake Dems haven't had any votes on such big expenditures AFTER Doris?

After the Wake Dems were embarrassed by then County Party Chair Jack Nichols deciding to spend $30K on your "Board of Elections" mailer, Board members demanded that the Chair put all similar expenditures to a vote of the Board. But they never actually followed through with that. Mack Paul single-handedly decided to hire a whole crew of outside people for the 2011 School Board race without a Board vote - effectively privatizing the Wake County Democratic Party. That's why I ran for 1st Vice Chair - because spending that much money on no-bid contracts without at least a board vote is wrong. I believe that is the real reason why you fought my candidacy as you did.

No contracts for services like yours have been put out for a bid or even voted on. Did the Wake Dems board take a vote on whether or not to hire you to provide "strategic services" in 2013? No - it was about how a small group of people donated money to the Wake Dems with you as the "string" attached. And I've got the paperwork to prove it.

Did the Wake Dems board take a vote on whether or not to have a $300K GOTV plan with you doing something with the coordinated campaign? Did the board take a vote on how much to pay you? If not - how "democratic" is that?

If I had been elected as 1st Vice Chair in 2012, we'd have had 100% accuracy in precinct officer records, and probably 160 precincts organized in 2013. We wouldn't have had 70 out of 200 precincts without a District Coordinator until just recently - we'd have 100% coverage. We'd be looking at 180 precincts (if not more) organized by this year's County Convention. We wouldn't be looking at having to elect so many SEC members because they missed the last two SEC meetings without sending a proxy. There would not have been any ballot security issues for any officer elections in 2013. If you think that Wake County can't or shouldn't do a better job than we are currently doing - then why don't you just say that plain and simple.

I think that Democrats realize that the days of no-bid contracts to friends of party officers or big donors are over - or should be over.

Why does a more organized and activist party scare you so much?

That's what this thread is all about. Thank you for making my point.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

My apologies to Blue NC for engaging Chris here

I should know better.

If this thread about no-bid contracts, where is your rant about no-bid contracts given to Mr. Carmichael and Jim Neal by your hero? Your issue is with me. Why not be honest about that instead of cryptic implications?

BTW, you can't carry Jack Nichols' jock when it comes to actually helping Democrats win elections.

Feel free to take the last shot. I now drop the mic with my apologies again to the readers of Blue NC for having to endure this drivel.

Thread closed

It doesn't make sense to apologize to apologize to us all and then keep the feud going. You guys need to get a room. Comments closed.