Observer Piles on the Heap, Calls for Black's Resignation

I can honestly say that I don't always agree with The Charlotte Observer. When it comes to asking for Jim Black's resignation, I think it's the right thing to do. I understand that Black hasn't been indicted for a crime, but his carelessness and lack of good judgment have harmed his office and if left to fester could taint other Democrats in November's elections.

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What's even more amazing is that The Charlotte Observer agrees with me on why Jim Black should step down. ( I say they agree with me because I called for Black to step down first....I'm just positive they saw that blog post!) As the Observer puts it:

The issue is leadership. Speaker Black has manipulated the political system to remain in office. He has winked at the spirit of campaign finance laws. He has abused power to punish adversaries and reward allies at the public's expense.

I don't think Jim Black is toxic yet. I don't think it's even close. I also don't think that other Democrats are harming their chances in November by standing by their leader since there is no proof that he did anything illegal. I actually like the fact that the feeding frenzy has been limited to Republicans and it is an ugly sight to behold. I do, however, think there will be a magic time to step off the bus before it crashes.

News 14 has a piece out with a little more detail about what might be expected in the fall.

Republicans are pushing to regain control of the House, but they have their own problems with infighting between moderates and conservatives.

“The trouble for Republicans is they are going to spend a lot of money in these (primary) races and then come November have no money and create ill will among voters,” said David McLennan, Peace College political expert.

There was an unscientific-but revealing poll at BlueNC on whether Jim Black should resign now. I don't know if it lines up with public opinion, the opinions of Democrats or those of Republicans, but I know that many think Black should resign now. If as News 14 reports he would probably resign if indicted, I think most of us will accept that. I believe though, that we need to hear that from Jim Black, so we can move on to more important issues.


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Then we would lose your fabulous voice and I think the great thing about BlueNC is that each of us has a pretty distinctive voice. We don't all come across saying the same thing or we make similar points with a different perspective. I go to some group blogs and the writers sometimes sound so similar it's hard to see the point of the group blog.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

High praise

On behalf of BlueNC, thanks.

I think it will happen when the

DA makes a ruling and I remember reading somewhere that the prosecutor interviewed didn't sound enthused about Black's guilt. It really is a matter of interpretation of the law and that puts a lot of pressure on the DA. I think the best news is that the decision is made in Raleigh and no Charlotte. That lends it a bit more credence.

The worst thing that could happen, in my mind, is that he doesn't have charges filed against him and he runs in November, we lose the seat and lose the majority. That's the WORST thing that could happen. If he were to run and win in November I don't think he would be re-elected Speaker.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.