Obama's choice for Vice President

I thought Gary Pearce's take on this question was pretty interesting. He not only suggests Hillary Clinton but gives some fresh reasons why. Thus (I hope I'm doing this correctly:
web site (this is the talkingaboutpolitics website run by Carter Wrenn and Gary Pearce)


Naw, Hillary won't be the VP

I have an important announcement to make..... I have been asked to be the VP. 44 year old white male tree hugger from the South.... that is the demographic he needs to put him over the top.

Have you ever heard of a liberal shooting up a church?

Some good arguments.

I'm not sure "shaking things up" is a wise move. It's the summer. O has a considerable cash advantage and has barely begun his attacks on McCain. Someone on the radio yesterday said the main thing to do with a VP is not screw up. It's arguable, but Hillary could be the screw-up that helps McCain ... by mobilizing the dark-hearted Clinton haters.


The NC Family Policy Council doesn't speak for my family

The tsunami of nominations~

It would indeed give the GOP another way to attack him, but am not sure that it would be a winning strategy for them.

That is, I think in terms of mobilizing the campaign, Obama would gain more than he loses.

Damn but it would be exciting . . .


So much for not swearing.


He is a liar. He's a skeevy old guy, too. My 17 year old niece said she wouldn't vote for him because of this. When pressed for what she meant by "skeevy", she said - he doesn't ever look anyone in the eye. Yeah. Liars rarely do.


Remember that John McCain can't have a penny to his name when the convention rolls around. He has to spend it all so that his public financing can kick in. (Assuming he doesnt take a loan based upon that and back out again).

So yes, Obama has been dropping, but is it a function of McCain's ads being effective or just being everywhere?

PS- Zogby is a horrific pollster. The pollster.com average is Obama +1.4 even with Zogby's new one factored in.

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"

Zogby stinks

I followed him religiously in 2004. He had Kerry winning. The language on his blog was effusive.

Therefore, this new Zogby poll can only be a good sign for our guy.


Zogby really screwed the pooch on that one. Or, the neo-cons really broke the law on that one. We will probably never know which is the case.

One Thing

I used Real Clear Politics and there was a poll that put Obama one point ahead and it was done AFTER the Zogby poll. I really think that come Saturday you'll see a BIG jump in numbers. I don't think McCain announcing his VP after the convention is really going to work and I'm sure Obama will keep a lead of at least 15 pts until November.

The link worked, Bru

And I agree with Gary. I don't care what anybody says, an Obama/Clinton ticket would scorch McCain so bad there'd be nothing left but a pair of smoking wing-tips. And the down-ballot effect would give the Dems the breathing room they need to (maybe) get a few things accomplished.

I like Biden better

That just because I like Biden better. I've watched him in Senate hearings cheering "Go get them, Joe!"

While Obama is amply able to defend himself, he needs someone who is can pull of a full frontal attack while he remains above the fray. Both Biden and Clinton can do that. And, as I posted pseudonymously on TAP, This is a year for making history. Let's make some freakin' history.


I've reached the point that I'll be really worried and disappointed if Hillary isn't the VP choice.

Obama, Plouff and Axelrod know that their campaign rests on narrative. Story is All.

They'll get one HUGE chance to do some story telling next week. On TV, they'll want as close to 100% smiley faces on the jumbotron. There is no other way to get that to look authentic than to nominate Clinton.

The suppression of Clinton during the last two months is perfect Hero Myth story pacing for a late act Resurrection for Hillary. The Vanquished Cultural Heroine perishes in June; her 18 million followers rend their clothes and cover themselves in ashes, wandering the land. Three months later, she rises from the grave, tougher, stronger, the warrior queen.

Again, it makes good TV.

Zero pundit talk involving "disappointing VP choice", "sort of a let down", "all that for this? Who is this guy?"

Instead, we get The Two Veterans of the Greatest Political Primary Ever, who have Put aside their Differences, Joined their Kingdoms, and Stand Together... And who would have thought that they could do it?

All that talk that it couldn't happen? That they hate each other? That's just proof of the farther they have climbed. All the harder they have worked. All the bigger they are as healers, joiners, big hearts, America Menders. And I think it's all been part of the plan since the end of the primary.

We've just been listening to a great story, of which burial and apparent defeat are only the middle part.


There is no other way to get that to look authentic than to nominate Clinton.

Seriously, brother, that is not the kind of think a creative genius like yourself should be having. There are a ton of other ways to look authentic. In fact, "being" authentic is absolutely the preferred approach.

I trust Obama's judgment, so whatever he does is fine with me. But to argue that a Clinton nomination is the only path forward is to ignore the power of possibility.


The NC Family Policy Council doesn't speak for my family

That statement was all about authenticity

The best way to get authentic delirious merrymaking out of the huge Clinton faction in Denver is to nominate Clinton.

Otherwise, they're going to have to spend a lot of time avoiding shots of disgruntled middle aged white ladies all week long.

So their broadcast storytelling choice is between Authenticity and Editing.

I don't really think that Clinton is the only way forward, I just think that they'd be blowing a huge narrative opportunity to pass her over.

Again, my argument is that we're in the middle of the Obama/Clinton story, for better or worse. As we've seen, it's proving impossible to drop that story. People aren't just forgetting about it. So we need an ending (and not some fake "cathartic" vote).

Redemption is always the best ending.

FEC Homage?

"STRIVE to be smarter than a Frankkk?"

I always wanted to be the avenging cowboy hero—that lone voice in the wilderness, fighting corruption and evil wherever I found it, and standing for freedom, truth and justice. - Bill Hicks

They let people like this vote . . really.

While bearing in mind that, as Frank pointed out, "story is all," remember the vast majority of the audience do not think.

The following is an actual quote from an actual person who is running for elective office in North Carolina. These unedited remarks were said person's response to posts on TAP discussing the relative merits of Evan Bayh as a vp candidate, with the context being the all important "strong on terror" (sickeningly stupid phrase) category.

Are you anti-American? Because it seems that we were bombed on 9/11, and had over 3,000 innocent people murdered of all nationalities. In Spain they had people murdered by terrorists. And in England they had people murdered that could have gotten worse if the terrorists knew how to operate a remote control bomb. By your criteria FDR was a warmongerer for responding to Japan's attack on Peral Harbor!

Antagonoze the Russians? They just walked into and remain in Georgia. Georgia is a democratic country who has had parts of it's country held by the Russians for a few years. Should we run away from Putin and hide like the Allies did with Hitler before WWII? The Russian bear is the new bully of the world and it is time to stand up to him.

You rattle on like a Pre WWII isolationist. Isolation does not work just like Communism did not. We need to maintain a global economy whether we depend on foreign oil or not. So face it, we are the world leader in democracy and trade.

Mistakes are made in war. Even in Desert Storm mistakes were made. Every war and peace time action there have been mistakes made. You learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them. When will you learn?

Please. Any efforts to address the irony of these remarks would be like adding one's tears to the ocean.

Story is All

Because people don't think. If Americans loved thinking, they wouldn't watch an average 4 hours of fairy tales every day.


I know -right?

ah, fun with typos.

I like Michael Moore's idea:

I like Michael Moore's idea: Caroline Kennedy should pull a Cheney. Obama-Kennedy. Now don't that have a nice ring. of course it won't happen, but wouldn't it be cool...
Seriously, though, I think Obama-Clinton would have been great if it could have been done naturally, organically, with them being pals, friends. But now, after all the "it's not going to happen" and "Obama's falling behind," wouldn't it look like panic? On the other hand, would the excitement outweigh that? I don't know. I do think Obama needs a "Wow" factor, and none of the so-called front runners seem to provide that. My bet's on the Virginia gov, but I'm not sure it makes me any more confident.


I don't think Kaine would be a good move, for one reason.

His name.

Obama/Kaine vs. McCain/?

It's too close to the other candidate's name, and seriously, there are people out there who just don't think. I know, it's shallow, and he's probably very qualified. But I don't think it's going to happen.

I didn't say he wasn't qualified.

I said from a purely marketing stand point, his name makes the ticket problematic. Say it out loud, as if you were reading it off of a bumpersticker. "Obama/Kaine08"

And what about the Lieberman nonsense from the R side. I wonder if McCain thinks that would help him with Democrats?

Oh..I know...I didn't mean it that way

I'm not a Kaine fan because I do not think he's qualified. He brings almost nothing to the table in my opinion. I know he had political experience prior to becoming governor of VA, but I'm just not seeing it....or feeling it.

Oh....did you have to mention Lieberman? Seriously....please. You know what I fear? I fear that too many uninformed moderate voters will vote for McCain b/c they still think he's a moderate and they would still think Lieberman is a Democrat. Urgh.....that man is disgusting.

Robin Hayes lied, Robin Hayes cried and thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


Based on your logic, an Obama/Dodd ticket would bring all the enthusiasm of TRANSFORMERS to the campaign, no? It just sounds high tech and awesome. Obamadodd.

Say it a few times.

Oliphant finally gets Obama right

obama cartoon

Pat Oliphant is the greatest political cartoonist of our, of any, of all time. He's been drawing (and sculpting in bronze) Presidents since Johnson. But until today's clip, he hasn't much tried to tackle Obama, choosing to depict him as a lanky sillouette instead. Now there's this one...and it's on topic too!


But still, Ouch.


Nunn's done.

Read he'd be out of the country until next Monday. Doubtful, imho.

Place your bets!

It's now down to a few hours until Obama announces his veep. Ante up, all ye prognosticators! Call the pick, and explain why.

Putting my foot...er, money...where my mouth is, here's my prediction:

Obama throws a slight surprise curve and names Jack Reed, Senator from Rhode Island.

Obama decides to go with someone who is both low-key and helps bolster his ticket's foreign policy credentials. Reed is a well-regarded member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and a retired Army Captain (82nd Airborne).

Unlike Biden, the higher-profile alternative in this category, Reed does not have a tendency to talk too much, and he does not have Biden's lengthy political baggage. Reed is in his second term in the Senate, so he's not a neophyte, but he's not a long-established insider either. (By the way, I like Biden, I just think he's a dangerous pick for Obama's veep, politically.)

This is Obama's safe pick.

If he has elected to go with a bold pick instead, it will be Kathleen Sebelius.

A two-term Kansas governor, she has successful executive experience (which also fills in an Obama resume gap) and combines that experience with an outside-Washington resume. Among her most notable successes is taking on the insurance industry over mergers and health-care coverage, during her previous stint as the elected insurance commissioner for Kansas. Health care, economy, domestic policy are the themes. Solidly within progressive Democratic policies but also with an unusually strong history of bipartisan cooperation in order to be an effective governor in GOP-dominated Kansas state politics. She has strong fans in both the choice and environmental communities.

The political rap on Sebelius is that she's a woman whose name isn't Hillary. But when it comes down to it, can even Hillary's most die-hard supporters get away with the argument that she is the only woman qualified to be considered? I don't think so, not when you can offer solid specifics regarding why another choice is superior on her merits.

Politically, Clinton hardens partisan lines. Sebelius would instead reach out to older women independents and pro-choice Republicans frustrated by the glass ceiling.

She has real leadership experience of a type (executive branch command) that Clinton does not. And, she does not bring the history of questionable policy and political judgments (from Iraq to gas tax holidays) that undercut much progressive support for Clinton in the first place.

My leading prediction is Reed only because I think that Obama is fundamentally too cautious to double-down on betting that the "change" theme will work well enough to crack both the color and gender barriers simultaneously in the general election. I hope that I'm wrong on that, because I'd rather he's picked Sebelius.

Dan Besse

Dan Besse

Dan Besse may be psychic.

Or just very smart. At first i kinda disregarded that, and assumed Biden. But Reed seems very very practical.

I'd think it's safe to say it's either Biden or Reed.

Obama's camp says the text message will come Sat. Morning.

Evan Bayh

His voice is so smooth, like syrup...corn syrup. Or ethanol, distilled from good clean living Indiana corn.

Bayh bumper stickers

Twitterers say bumper sticker producer leaks bayh as the choice.

----insert witty remark here----coming soon----

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Did you see them?

No union bug visible. No paid for by. And they completely ignore the 20 months of branding that Obama's campaign has been so good at.

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"

Senator Excitement?

Can't quite figure out the rationale for Bayh. The Tall Midwesterners ticket?

Dan Besse

Dan Besse

It's just gotta be Biden.

It's just gotta be Biden. He will serve as an attack dawg against McCain. Sometimes when you talk too much you end up saying what really needs to be said. Biden is needed to calm us 40 to 90 year old white guys that want to vote Democrat but have a hard time wrapping our minds around Obama as President. (not me in particular but my peeps in general, I'm voting Obama no doubt)

I'm a moderate Democrat.