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Sam Spencer

Sam Spencer was right. Sam was on to something when he supported Joe Biden early in the primaries. His diary over at DailyKos is My Personal Joe Biden Story

I'm happy.

Someone said the VP gets three shots to make an impact. Announcement tour, convention speech, debate.

I think he'll do fine in the first two and wipe the floor with lieberman in the third.

----insert witty remark here----coming soon----

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

I am giddy with the prospects...

When my cell phone awoke me to the glorious news, I thought it was a prank.

Then, when it checked out, I popped a champagne cork, and thanked God for this gift of Obama not going with Hillary.

It will be an entertaining campaign season.

I hope McCain doesn't make a similar mistake, and choose the other Joe.

Good Luck, and may the team with the most electoral votes win!

Laura Leslie nailed it~

Gotta give Laura points for predicing Biden over at Isaac Hunter's Tavern.

Whoops -- Huh nailed it~

Well, I have to admit I've not read all the posts so I reckon a lot of people may have nailed it.

But I can't go giving Laura creds without doing the same for one of my very few allies over at TAP --

I didn't even venture a guess, though like others I would have been pleased if he had named Hillary.

Biden is exactly the vice presidential nominee whose campaign

skills are needed an election McCain has made into an eye-gouging brawl.
He also brings experience and foreign policy expertise to counterbalance somewhat Obama's perceived weakness in those areas.
There is a great deal more that makes him the sound, pragmatic choice, and Hillary appears to be on board with this, apparently foreclosing the possibility of the internicine strife for which the Republicans yearn.

He's goin to give em

He's goin to give em hell!!!!! Yes YES YES

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Good foreign policy attack dog

Which is what we need now. Joe is not the least bit afraid to call B.S. on what the neocons have been saying.

High risk, high reward

Boy, was I wrong.

I pegged Obama as going for a "safe" choice for VP, and missed the mark by a mile.

Biden is the kind of pick which speaks very well of Obama's commitment to making the executive once again a functioning, cooperating co-equal branch of government. Biden brings substantive expertise, high energy (yes, despite his age), and the willingness to question (and re-examine) judgments and positions. From his deep Senate experience, he has shown that he understands how the executive and legislative branches can and should work together. Those are qualities which Obama said he wanted in a VP, and apparently he meant it.

Politically, Biden is a high-risk choice. He is gaffe-prone, and we have seen how intensely any and all trivial remarks can be hyperexamined and pounded ad nauseum. In a presidential campaign, verbal venial sins are blown up into Himalayan proportions.

At the same time, to fully employ Biden's strengths as a campaigner, it will be necessary for the Obama campaign to give him some space to take the stiletto to McCain. That puts him squarely in the verbal danger zone. The fact that every reporter in the world will be waiting for the slips just makes it worse.

This is a choice that will keep me up nights during the campaign. Assuming an Obama-Biden victory (and please God let it be so), then it should be a choice that's good for the country.

Dan Besse

Dan Besse

I can get on board with this guy


I think I can get on board with this guy. Mostly I like the idea of having someone with enough foreign policy experience combined with Obama's positive international standing to redefine our relationship with the rest of the world for the better. There are a few other people who would have had more of a wow factor, which in someways what I was hopping for, but this guy may be just wanted the Obama campaign needs.

He was rated a 78% by the HRC & 60% by the ACLU which are both organizations with philosophies I roughly agree with. I think after a Bush presidency and the patriot act we especially need someone who isn't going to let our civil liberties erode any further. (just for contrast McCain had 33% by the HRC & 0% by the ACLU)

"He'll have to figure out which of 7 kitchen tables to sit at."

Speaking of McCain's inability to understand the economic struggles that average Americans are discussing around the kitchen table at night.

Biden is getting it stuck in from the start. Good line.

Dan Besse

Dan Besse

You know I'm happy.

I always wanted to be the avenging cowboy hero—that lone voice in the wilderness, fighting corruption and evil wherever I found it, and standing for freedom, truth and justice. - Bill Hicks

I'm thrilled with this ticket.

I've got my Obama sign. Now I need my Obama/Biden Sign. And button. and tshirt.

I think Biden was exactly the right choice. Exactly.

This is a pick

that neither angers nor inspires me. I wish to disagree with my good friend Dan and say that Biden is actually a safe pick.

Kaine would be tagged as too inexperienced. Clinton would be, well, Clinton. Bayh would send the base into a tizzy. Chet Edwards now has a last name that ruled him out if nothing else would.

Biden is an inside outsider. A populist with wonk-like experience. A bulldog that (hopefully) can be trained to bite with tact.

I do agree with Dan that there are potential pitfalls, but floating Biden so early chopped a lot of that off in the knees.

Finally, I am a bit pissed that it leaked to the press before the text messages went out. Maybe it was just a snafu, and it won't cost any votes, but it was still a bit, well, unproffesional.

That said, Obama/Biden 2008. Let's win this thing!

WNC party faithful are excited about Biden pick for VP

We are proud to support a ticket that is good for working families...Pat a village called they want their idiot back...say goodbye Pat your done representing the good folks of the 10th Congressional District...

From the Asheville Citizen - Times

Rep. Patrick McHenry, R-Cherryville, criticized Obama’s selection, saying that choosing a “Northeastern liberal” for his running mate meant he was effectively writing off a win in North Carolina.

“It’s clear that Obama is ceding the South to McCain with his choice of Joe Biden,” said McHenry in a noon conference call with media.

“Obama choosing Biden simply represents Obama’s inexperience; Biden personifies Obama’s lack of experience,” said McHenry, who represents the central and western parts of the state.


Has anyone seen Liz?

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