NYT is all-in for Deborah Ross

Do-nothing Burr's days just might be numbered:

The contrast between the two candidates could not be sharper. Mr. Burr is a quiet party wheel horse whose career in the House and the Senate has been supported by significant campaign donations from the fossil fuel and nuclear energy industries. He was appointed to Donald Trump’s national security advisory panel, but, like many Republican incumbents, he has been hemming and hawing about Mr. Trump’s demoralizing candidacy. “I take him at his word,” the senator said rather meekly after Mr. Trump denied that he had ever committed the sexual assaults on women that he bragged about in the “Access Hollywood” tape. Mr. Burr has been trying to convince voters that Hillary Clinton’s “lack of judgment” is worse than Mr. Trump’s.

I'm tempted to rephrase the above description to a "horse's ass," but Burr really has followed Liddy Dole's footsteps as a fundraising machine for the GOP. He has (at last count) twelve different campaign accounts registered with the FEC, which goes a long way in explaining why so much money comes his way during elections. Not just because he's a reliable "No" vote on so many needed government regulations, but also (maybe more important to them) because he has laid the infrastructure for corporate domination in Washington. He's the money man, and they can't grease the wheels without him. Representing the people? There's no time for that, because the money must flow.



The ads against Ross are legion

I can't turn on the television or radio for five minutes without some self-righteous (usually female) voice harping about Deborah Ross being a danger to our children, or some such crap.

Burr is such a weasel, and a coward. Letting these dark-money PACs fight his battles for him.