NY Times: McCrory administration officials blocked enforcement in DENR

The NY Times is out with an in-depth look at the change in culture at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, with administration officials forcing staffers to concentrate on "customer service", giving Duke Energy a slap on the wrist.

Amy Adams, a former supervisor who left the agency last year, said that the mantra of the current leadership was about “customer service,” but that did not include citizens who might live downstream from a polluter.

She and others said they were told to stop writing Notices of Violation to polluters, which can prompt fines, and instead to issue a Notice of Deficiency, which she likened to a state trooper giving a warning instead of a speeding ticket.

“I was asked directly by members of my staff, ‘Do we even do enforcements anymore?’ ”

I guess the "customer" is Duke Energy or developers and not the taxpaying public.

Other staffers at the department were also interviewed by the NY Times.

“They want to have a hammer to come down on anybody who hinders developers by enforcing regulations,” said a supervisor whose department is supposed to regulate businesses under laws devised to protect water quality. “We’re scared to death to say no to anyone anymore.”

A second supervisor, also speaking on the condition of anonymity, said: “A lot of us never considered ourselves political creatures. What’s happened here has really blown us out of the water. People speak in hushed tones in the hallway to each other. We go offsite to talk. It’s totally changed the culture of this organization.”

Are there similar stories from long-time employees of other government agencies being managed by McCrony's cronies?